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    Self- motivation is an important skill for overall development

    Self-motivation means passion and underlying desire to achieve something. As you know people are getting selfish and jealous in nature day by day. They never want that other person may ahead in any field. In such a situation, people should identify their quality themself so that they can go ahead in their interested area. Self motivation is an essential skill for overal development. An individual who understands their desires, values and priorities can understand what really motivates them and, in turn, can channel their energy to reaching fulfilment. It is important because it does not let you depend on others and drives you tap your strengths to meet your goals. It is also important to lead a successful personal and professional life.
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    Know yourself. One should h know himself very well. What are his strong points and what are the weak points one should know. He also should know what are opportunities he has and what are threats.
    One should make himself motivated and always work hard and see that he will be coming out successfully in all his endeavours.
    We should not get disgraced if we have one or two setbacks and we should learn from those setbacks and see that we will improve our skills and we should try to be successful, Then only we may get our desires fulfilled. If we think that somebody will come and help us and pull up, it will never happen.

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    What the author said is right, as self motivation is the important tool in the hands of those performers who failed to get noticed by others and yet made forays into the top order. With self motivation one can prove that there are no mentors in their achievement and what ever has been achieved was through self performance and none to support. That is the reason being so the self motivated persons are most sought after in the society because they could create a place for themselves and their performance are overloaded with great achievements to which even the great achievers of the past seems to have amused. Self motivation is great step towards making our goal as real and worth while. When others are performing through feeds and help from others, a self motivated person is the self made professional of great achievements.
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    Motivation is one of the most important energy creator for pushing our actions to the desired end or goal. Generally people derive motivation by seeing others or by observing the success of the other people but one can have self motivation also and that helps us to a great degree. A person who is self motivated has actually won the half battle. He is charged with passion and energy to undertake the task with great energy and interest. Many of the world's great personalities were in fact the great example of the self motivated people who achieved significant laurels in their lives. Having motivation is a great trait and those who have it in their lives have more chances to progress and achieve prosperity.
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    Motivation comes from within and once you maintain this level of energy prior to taking up any assignment, you are sure to succeed.,it can be attained by seeing the commendable performance of others or might be your teacher or your close relatives has appreciated for your inherent qualities. You must keep this thing in mind that in the current time there are a few people who will openly speak highly of you and if you have one or two such people, you are sure to get charged positively. The other way of getting motivation is to go to life history of great personalities and by going through their achievements, you will be inspired to learn more how to change yourself to a successful figure.

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