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    New cricket rules set by ICC

    In recent times, ICC published new cricket rules for the T20 cricket format that will be applied to improve cricket and its experience. These include a penalty for slow over-rate, optional drink break between innings, a continuation of rules of COVID and because of this, no bowler or fielder can apply saliva on the ball during the fielding. It's strickly prohibited.

    What are the other rules that could be improved to get an improved cricketing experience? What are your observations?
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    When the format of cricket is for quick decision and formidable win for performing team, I do not see any surprise if the new rules are imposed by the ICC on T 20 new games to be played henceforth. The penalty for slow over rate is must as it is seen that some pace bowlers are taking long run up and the bowling is not satisfactory thereby wasting the precious time and ICC has done good thing on this matter. And drinks interval can be called off as the players can get their drinks at will and therefore the match time need not be wasted. And enlisting the Covid protocols is must as fresh waves in China is threatening other countries and cricket players need to be very careful. And applying saliva to the ball during the bowling and fielding being prohibited is the good move as the team cannot influence the opponents.
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    T 20 game is designed in such a way that it can attract more viewers. If batters hit more 4s and 6s, the viewers will get excited. So T20 format is a batter friendly format and now with the new rules, I feel it is made more batter friendly. In this process ICC is discouraging bowlers and bowlers are losing their interest in playing this T20 game. As per the new rules, the bowling team should ensure that the first ball of the lat over should be bowled as per the schedule or reschedule. If it is not done, there will be the imposition of fines on that team.
    As per the new rules, the fielding team can field a maximum of 2 fielders only outside the 30-yard circle during the powerplay overs. This will make the batters go for hitting and it will become easy for the people to make more runs.
    Presently there is no drinks break in an innings in T20 matches but now if the players want they can take it. It is optional and both teams together can decide on this tea break.

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