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    Even Newspapers may increase their price - check out why in this thread!

    Daily newspapers may increase the price because of the newsprint which is imported (45 percent) from Russia and due to the war between Russia and Ukraine their cost will increase. Even the alternate source of newsprint from Finland has double the rates and is not able to supply because of a lot of troubles facing in their country.
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    Already the newspaper houses are selling it at a reduced price. They are compensating it with the earnings from advertisements. Now if the input cost increases then there will not be any other alternative except to increase the price of newspapers inline with increase in the input cost. It is to be seen as how much compensation the newspaper owners can further give based on the earnings from the advertisements. Due to digital marketing the print media is in a tight situation as regards to getting advertisements but still many companies pay good amount for advertising in the print media. So all these factors would decide as what would be the effect of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war on the prices of the newspapers. Hopefully the increase would not be a significant one.
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    As far as I understand the news print paper is supplied to news paper from the govt quota and it is made in India. There may be foreign sources to which the news papers might have been purchasing the news print papers. After the advent of television news and online news, the news papers were on the receiving ends and does not have the right support even advertisement wise. Moreover the lock down and many establishments closed, the news papers gone fat to thin in printing pages and thus their very survival was at stake and now the Russian invasion on Ukraine added the woes. Nevertheless those who are habitual readers, not mind in spending more for news papers because even if it is disposed some amount would be fetched and the elders at the home does not want to loose daily news, features articles and the editors editorial.
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    In India Newspaper printing raw material is imported 45 percent from Russia. Now Print media is in the doldrums and might increase the price of the daily newspaper.
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    The war between the countries- Russia and Ukraine would lead to imbalance on many fronts including the pushing up the prices fo the materials being imported. Since paper printing raw materials are imported from Russia, it will certainly enhance the price of this raw materials. The newspaper management were acting like shock absorbers many times not hiking the prices with some adjustments of their profits accrued by way of advertisements. But how far the same would be sustainable has to examined in the present scenario.
    Newspapers lovers would not mind paying some extra amount as a result of hike of raw materials. A part of money is recoverable by selling the old newspapers.

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    There may be an increase. But many people discontinued buying newspapers and the circulation of physical copies has come down drastically. Because of this, the paper requirement may come down. So the impact may be less. But the advertising companies have to pay more as the cost of the paper increases. Ultimately that will come onto our head only but indirectly. So it will enhance the costs of other products and services and how to manage our finances will become a big question.
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