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    Challenge either physical or mental- which one you like ?

    During the course of daily life, we are confronted with many challenges and some are very tricky and even not suitable to our thought process and yet we accept the same as it was posed to us to prove our ability. The challenge may be physical and even through mental testing. If the challenge is physical then we have to brace up to fight with equal strength and ability and not with strong or the weak person. And if the challenge is test our mental ability, better we plan the most critical questions being asked in the matter to give befitting replies.
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    All our actions are a combination of physical and mental efforts. Challenges will always be there either physical or mental and we have to be prepared for both of them or a combination of them. Every individual has different levels of physical and mental capabilities and accordingly they perform. So it is not necessary that our performance will be as per the expectation of the person who is offering the challenge to us. Another interesting thing in this regard is that whenever a challenge is put to us then we try to meet it as per the best of our capability. But the assessment of same will be done by other persons and we do not know what is the result of their observations on our efforts.
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    I appreciate it, this is a really good thread brought to you by the author. Challenges are both mental and physical and fighting with both is quite challenging, but a person has the ability that if he wants, he can overcome it. Sometimes we even face them alone, but sometimes we also feel the help of others or loved ones. When a person goes to keep himself balanced, then the mental challenges may not affect him that much, whereas, in the case of physical challenges, the willpower of the person is an important factor.

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    Whether it is mental or physical, before accepting the challenge, we should make a self-assessment and decide whether we are competent enough or not to do that. If we accept without thinking and analysing we may miserably sometimes. So your assessment is very important.
    Once we assess ourselves and we may take a risk to some extent. If somebody wants me to come and have a Karate fight with him and I will not accept that challenge as I never practised Karate.
    If it mental challenge we can give it a try we feel that it is a little harder than what we can reach. A little stretching is never a problem. But beyond certain limits, we can't accept and it is better to say no in the beginning itself rather than trying.

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    The author discusses the features of the challenge here with individual life.
    It is true that we face many challenges in our life. But here the competition will be in two teams or individually. That again in a physical or mental way. Physical means, of course, the test of strength, which, like the old worships like Bhim Judhistir Gada Juddha, would be in the case of persons of equal strength according to the law. Only then will the correctness of the competition be known. But nowadays in many cases, we see people with muscle bodies being killed by a Thin weak person in the name of showing - strength.
    Come back to the mental competition, in this case, the game of intelligence is played, it is known who is the most intelligent because the correct answer to the difficult question of competition has to come with him first. But if you are emotionally intimidated and defeated before you enter the competition, you will not have a chance to prove it even if you are intelligent.
    Therefore, it is important to adopt a truly fair approach in every competition.

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