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    Along with household chores, they also work as news reporters

    Do you worry about those who work in your house sharing your personal matters in other households where they work? Maids, drivers, and others play the role of reporters in this sense. What are your views?

    This is a very simple thread that may have been experienced by a lot of people. Nowadays many people have one or maybe more maids in their homes, and they do their household chores very honestly but at the same time, they do not shy away from the role as a news reporter too! It sounds like a joke about which we can laugh, but if we go a little deeper, then we should be worried about this matter.

    Many maids narrate the news of one house to another with ease and as great entertainment, and it may also bring entertainment to the listeners. But there are many family matters which we should keep within our family and if possible, we should not let such matters be heard by the maids, or other workers working in our house. I am not saying this to hurt anyone, but even if those who work in your are house have gained your trust, if they are telling personal matters to someone else's family, then we need to be careful.
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    After reading this post, I split into laughter as the author has brought in real happening when the house maids do share views and her added views from the near and dear neighbors and thus we are treated with so much information and staying at the home. Not that these house maids are eager to listen and then pass on to others. While they are working they have every chance of over hearing the commotion, the face off and even difference of opinion within the family members where she is working and thus becomes the instant news reporter for others. I am also stunned to know that some house maids are having the latest Indian news in finger tips because while mopping the floor, she would seen the happenings over the national news channel which is not watched by the neighbors and thus latest news is spread by her.
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    It is true. Many of us might have experienced this in many houses.
    We will be sitting in the car while travelling and we speak many things and we forget that the driver is hearing the same. This problem is not only in the household but also in official matters also. We may be travelling in a car on some official duty and we may be speaking on our phone. But we forget that the driver will be listening to our words. That is why we should not speak about confidential matters when the driver is there in the care.
    Servant maids are more dangerous than drivers. They will be telling you what is happening in the other house. You feel happy she is telling you the secrets. But she may tell about you or your house matters to some other lady. We should not encourage them to tell us other's information and we should restrain ourselves from telling our own information to her.
    There are many people who encourage maids to hear news of others but they forget that their news may also get leaked.

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