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    Taking too many photos sometimes becomes a hassle

    When we are in a function which can be with family or with friends or office members, we may take photos. In fact, nowadays, in all functions, the focus is more on clicking the pictures of the people than the enjoyment. In such a situation, there is often a race = whose mobile camera quality is the best? When the person whose camera has the best quality is known to all, then he/she becomes the photographer of that party. Then when everyone takes a lot of pics, when the time comes to send the pics, the sender gets in trouble. Seekers demand pics again and again and the sender gets confused that with so many pics, which one to send and which one is not required to be sent. Often it wastes a lot of time.

    It seems to me that before starting any party or function, make a common group of the attendees so we can send all the pics to that one group, and then delete the photos.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to yesterday's marriage function of one of the relatives as the marriage was lavish with lots of first to be seen, naturally the hustle and bustle to have the photos and with the bride and groom was overflowing and the best camera person was those whose cell camera could click good images and he has to oblige for many. Since the dancers were welcoming the bride and groom with plenty of songs and sequences, even on big screen which was arranged, people are clicking the same and sending live video to the families and friends. Such was the craze for photos and images and surely when selecting which one is the best among the lot, it would certainly become difficult as we cannot discard the guests who accompanied with us and nor those in the frame. That would be challenging in deed.
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    These days photo taking is more important than the rituals that are to be completed in a function. The priest who is conducting the function sometimes may get irritated also. It is more so in marriage functions.
    In earlier days having a photo is a great feeling but these days that importance has gone. Many photos we may not even save. We will just see and leave them.
    The photos taken in any function can be saved in Google and a link can be created and we can send that link to anybody who wants to see it. To save it on a group as an event may take a little time but later on, sending may not take much time. It is just forwarding the link only.
    What I feel is we should have some important photos in a physical album so that we can see them whenever we want without opening our computer or smartphone.

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    There was a time when camera reel had a limited number of snaps and every snap was much important as the reel got used up soon. At that time we were very selective and waited for each and every person to accommodate them in one snap. Every snap costed in terms of money right from the cost of the reel to the cost incurred in its print making. Today just by pressing a button we have a photo and people take so many photos in which there are so many duplicate ones eating out the memory of the phone and then there is the great hassle of deleting them. It is obvious that we have to keep a control on our temptations of clicking photos in a function and limit ourselves to a select few photos to share with friends and relatives in WhatsApp or other social media platforms. There is no point in sending so many similar photos to others as no one will look at them in that case.
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    That's correct and I liked the suggestion of the author to create a common group to send the photographs. Nowadays, people do create groups before an occasion for sharing things and everyone wants to pose for a photograph. Taking a photograph has become so easy nowadays that the more you get the more you feel good. Large memories are also not of concern these days. The only thing is after clicking a lot of photos we need to inspect the galleries from time to time to remove images that are of less significance or inferior in quality. It's something like clearing the clutter.

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