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    The subtle difference between love and infatuation

    At a young age, many people get attracted to others and assume it as the beginning of a love affair. But this is not as simple as that. The attraction at a young age can be of various types. It could be a friendly one or simply an infatuation of young minds. It could be a beginning of a serious love relationship but many times it could be a one sided effort only and might not materialize in its entirety. Differentiating love from infatuation is a difficult task but it has to be done by both sides so that there is no misunderstanding in the relationship.

    What do you think about this? please share your views.
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    The author has come up with a good topic which need to be discussed because often there is a subtle difference between love and infatuation. When two minds mingle and work together, a special bonding takes place and that turns out to be great friendship first. Slowly the understand between the two increases and it goes to height of believing each other in deeper terms. Here there is every chance of love can blossom of both are of different sex and their attraction to each other would certainly increase. And if further relations continue, then that could be love and not the infatuation. If there is no misunderstanding, lots of adjusting and even give and take policy between them would lead to deeper understanding and that bonding would stay string against all odds and they would not part ways there after.
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    Love is an attachment. Infatuation is an interest in someone or something. Infatuation may be the beginning of love. Infatuation may blossom into love. infatuation may make us feel great. It may give us some insecurity feeling also as we are in the beginning. Love is cultivated over a period of time and hence it may create a bond between the both which may become stronger as time passes. Love will not fade easily. If you are not in contact also you will not forget the other person easily. But infatuation is a temporary feeling and may die down as you distance yourself from the other person.
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