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    Smaller adjustments always had larger impact on issues and matters

    Whether it is personal, national or international issues, small adjustments with give and take policy from either side would pave way for larger impact towards settlement of the same. The main reasons for a husband and wife quarrel would start with small matter and it that is not adjusted, flare up to the big face off and eventually the separation. Likewise any issue in national and international level are always guided with egoistic approach and that would not give any direction for peace and therefore give and take policy with constructive adjustments is required.
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    That is true. A small adjustment may avoid a war also. The secret behind any couple's successful living together is nothing but adjustment only. One party should never insist that his/her own decision should be implemented. Sometimes we have to accept the rulings of the other party also. Then only we can have a progressive life.
    Even in our official progress also sometimes we have to adjust with the circumstances there and we have to show our potential. The employees may not be always helpful to you and they may try creating problems so that you will be made responsible for the mistakes that are being done.
    When it comes to nations and continents more clarity on the issues is required before thinking about adjustments. It is not a matter between a wife and husband or an employee and employer. The nation's future will depend on such decisions only. So more diplomatic thinking and diplomatic actions are required to see that peace will be maintained in this world.

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    Many times small discussions or small issues gradually snowball into big issues. We should get alarmed by these signs whenever they happen in our lives. If we can control and contain these things in the beginning itself then we can avoid a lot of problems in our lives. Some people are very foresighted and they can foresee the things happening in the future and they can control these things in time and that is the trait that we all should try to inculcate in our lives. In joint families many times people quarrel on small matters and slowly a stage comes when they feel that they cannot live together. It is obvious that cooperation from both sides is required in such cases to avoid such conflicts which have a potential to get enlarged.
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    These small adjustments are mostly like respecting each other's choices and aspirations but in many cases, everyone feels they are right. A conflict may start between the two and can spread to a large group if not managed in time. Most of the time we want things to happen in our way only where upbringings play a big role. In many cases, children throw tantrums when they do not receive the desired thing from their parents. Some parents always indulge in this behaviour and when they grow up it becomes a habit to find everything well-managed and according to their wish. These types of children find it difficult to adjust with others if they are not listened to which ultimately results in larger conflicts. Parents have a great role here to make the next generation understand the importance of managing various situations. This can help to reduce conflicts in time.

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