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    Changing perceptions of generation gap

    The people of Generation Z are an entirely unexpected gathering who dress,eat, act and mingle. Therefore,they are unlike the more seasoned age because of which clashes emerge between these two gatherings some of the time. A few elderly folks individuals feel they are detached with the subject they talk about with somebody before them.However, as the millennial men or ladies have a seriously decent information in the most recent happenings of the world be it politics,fashion,technology,cuisine and have burial places of data at their finger tips,elders need to gain from them the things which are especially required to have been continued in future. If it's not too much trouble, talk about your perspective.
    Gone are the days. Senior individuals prompting the more youthful age and more youthful age following them are not there nowadays. Senior individuals ought to adhere to the guidelines of the more youthful age. The more youthful age might have a ton of data from Google and other web search tools. Be that as it may, the senior age is having experience. Experience is generally better compared to scholarly information. Yet, that isn't perceived by a larger number of people.
    Presently, I feel it is a waste of time to let individuals know who believe that they have all the information. So I leave them like that so they will learn by their experience,
    Another point is a few seniors will be after these youngsters and continue compressing them to adhere to their guidelines. That will make the youngsters irritated and attempt to keep away from the elderly folks. So there are issues from the two sides.
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    There is no point in insisting youth follow the guidelines of seniors. Those days are not there now. Whether you like it or not you have to mingle with them and do what best you can do. These days youth has a lot of information with them or they can obtain from Google. So they never hear or care for the suggestions of the elder people. It is better to be silent than telling something and making them upset. As long as you are silent and a simple spectator, you will not have any dispute.
    When we are young we have no internet and we used to give importance to the words of the seniors and they used to press us to follow their guidelines. But the situation now is entirely different. You say something, many doubts and questions will come and every youth member will try to prove that we are wrong. Under such conditions it is better to keep silent and go on doing our work is the best policy.
    Ultimately maintaining good relations is very important for senior citizens as they may require help from youth sometimes.

    always confident

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    For that matter there is always ego of clashes between the seniors and the adolescent. The seniors have enjoyed their life, seen the down and up in all spheres and wants to have good time for the youth and young. But invariably the seniors are seen as the enemy by the young people who think that too much interference by the elders are uncalled for. We the seniors are not the hindrance but would certainly give nice advice for the youth welfare. I am also the father of two young youth. I know their preferences and wants and try to meet it when sought for. But they should also understand that freedom is not to indulge in waste time passing but do something creative for future. Wasted money for today cannot be earned back and youth have become restless and more spend thrifts than their earnings and that is worrisome.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Generation gap was always there in the past and would remain like that forever. In a changing world this gap is inevitable. History is witness that the young generation never adhered with the principles and advices of the seniors. It is true that the suggestions made by the seniors would be of worth but the problem is that the mindset of the younger generation is not conducive to receive those experiences in their present juncture where fun and frolic is the dominating trait. Seniors should also understand this crucial factor that the young generation is going through the different types of experiences and would not be willing to listen the words of wisdom from them. So the fact of the matter is that these two entities belonging to two different worlds would never be in unison as regards to following and takeaways.
    Knowledge is power.

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