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    New Decision taken by Karnataka Government

    Karnataka Government has taken an important decision regarding the Class XIIth Board Examination of the state. The State Government has decided that those PU II (i.e., Class XIIth Board) students who had boycotted practical examinations in Karnataka, will not get another chance to appear in the Board examination. In this connection, it is relevant to recall that last month some male and female students boycotted study and examination demanding allowing hijab in educational institutions in the state.

    I hail the decision of the State Government of Karnataka!

    What is your opinion?
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    If some students do not adhere to the school discipline then the school management can always punish them and this seems to be one of such cases. Students should not involve in the politics of any sort whether it is hijab or any similar issue. They should adhere to the school discipline and if required even fight with their family that they will not cling to some unnecessary religious matter in the schools. Some evil elements make these issues and exploit the gullible students in the name of religion. School administration should firmly tackle with these elements and nip them in the bud.
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    It is not a good idea to boycott any examination in the wake of introduction of hijab. The school authorities have their own disciplines with respect to dress, punctuality and the conductor examinations. If they have any grievances against such issues, they could have talked to the administration before resorting to any steps for boycotting the practical examination. Their extreme steps of indiscipline has been taken seriously by the school authorities and they have been punished accordingly to the extent of their deprivation for the PUC examination. Sometimes the students are the innocent figures and are misguided by the antisocial elements and hence while doing so, they must examine its outcome.

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    This is unfair to the students because they are not even major and indulged in anti govt activities and for that protest boycott of the practical exams they need not be punished as such. Moreover the practical exams are always managed by the management of respective colleges and the students are writing as the exams as formality. Yes it was unfortunate on the part of girls students who were highly influenced by the political leaders and even instigated to go for boycott in the garb of wearing Hijab to which the govt objected. Probably the state got the cue from the Court decision which supported its move on hijab wearing and thus gone further strict and want to take revengeful action on agitating students. But they would be wasting one year and based on humanitarian grounds, this order be withdrawn immediately.
    K Mohan
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    Mohan Sir, these students followed the directions given by PFI and boycotted examination. Now, PFI should arrange a separate examination for them.
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    Mohanji has expressed the same which I wanted to. I am in complete agreement with what Mohanji expressed. The case is now before the Supreme Court. Let us wait and see what its judgment will be.
    The girl students who boycotted the examinations are deemed to have failed in the examination. They have to appear for the supplementary examination. The Karnataka Government cannot stop them from appearing for the supplementary examinations.

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    If PFI instigated the girls to go for boycott and children not even consulting their own parents before plunging into the agitation then the PFI should be made accountable and even banned from the state immediately. But I do not want such harsh punishments on the students who were mislead for the political gains and now everyone gone mute and girls are going to suffer.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Okay, so some Members are very sympathetic to those who vitiated the atmosphere in the campuses in Karnataka. So, they may allowed to appear in the supplementary examination without hijab, as the Hon'ble SC has not given any stay order on the direction earlier given by the Karnataka HC in this regard.
    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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    Sometimes some harsh decisions are required. But we, Indians are generous and show sympathy for many people who never deserve it.
    We don't want students who went to Ukraine for studies and came back to India because of war to lose their studies and we have to admit them out of the way in Indian colleges. It is to some extent acceptable as there is no fault of the students in this entire episode.
    But in Karnataka's episode, the students thought that examinations are not very important and they know that somehow the government will come round and conduct the examinations again. If the government really agrees for again conducting the examinations, students will not learn the lessons that are to be learnt. How a student can boycott examinations for a non-issue in the college? How do their parents approve of this? So I feel the government is right and let the students understand the impact. We always can't make decisions with sympathy and emotions. There should be logic sometimes at least.

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    Discipline is an important aspect and children must be disciplined from an earlier age. Some harsh decisions are essential to enforcing discipline. Those who wanted to boycott study for a religious issue indicate they prefer religion more than education. Even if there is an instigation I would say it is the failure of the education system and not anything else. Is it not a failure of the education system that allows students to concentrate on a couple of subjects rather than how to manage life? Religion is an aspect of life and it clearly indicates that the educators failed to address it in a proper way. When children are unable to manage various aspects of life I do not know what will ultimately happen after completing education other than getting a job. It will be clashes and ego everywhere without any proper understanding. I am sure we do not want this to happen. We need to think beyond politics. Studying and passing examinations should not be the only important aspects of the lives of students. If we fail to acknowledge this we cannot expect changes to take place.

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    So far this has been very concisely and in very simple terms put forth by the HC that the students must adhere to / follow the rules and regulations of the respective institutions, especially which they have agreed to while filling-up up the admission forms.

    Now, practically there would be a bunch of believers who will boycott these rulings because they are bound to boycott for whatever reasons and there would be a bunch of believers who are not able to learn from the past and would continue to favor those believing those working smartly declaring themselves as a truly secular person in it but instead, they are proving themselves something else. This is not the first time not the second time, but we will continue to be evident of those in the future as well and no one can help them. We can take the reference of the ISC to prove this.

    Now going ahead, I would say that time is changing but let me correct myself here because I should have used the terms "growing awareness" and one of the members of ISC has already shown disinterest in politics due to his unexpected outcomes in the recent elections and I do expect that this member will also stop watching NDTV too so what few of us including me are left with is to enjoy these.

    I am in support of the decision of the State Government of Karnataka and the HC.

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