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    Have you seen the beauty of our ISC content in your own language with Google translator?

    We have a Google translator that can change the content of one language to another. If we give options of different languages in Google translator settings, simply show the language options at the end of the page. By simply pressing the language options it shows the content in that language. Today I pressed the ISC content into Telugu mode. The content of ISC changed into 100% perfect Telugu. There is no awkwardness found in translation. The real meaning that it gives in English is seen in Telugu also. Members try once to read ISC content in their own language and express their feelings here.
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    Just now I tried the part of author content to translate the same with Google Tamil and it was absolutely perfect. It seems Google has improved its translation too far better. Some years back when I tried the same there was lots of mistake and when I shared the same on social media, many had the laugh at me because I do not know Telugu writing and what I shared was the Telugu content. But now I am sure we can share the translation flawless and thanks to Google for improving upon the matter. Here is the screen shot.
    K Mohan
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    I have also tried the same earlier. But not the translations of ISC posting but some other information. I have seen Hindi to English and English to Telugu. The translation is perfect and I enjoyed the same.
    I also used this translation facility to translate some chemistry papers that are in the Chinese language and got them translated to English. That I did to read the content of the paper and understand.
    After seeing this thread I have seen one of my articles that is published on ISC in a google search and I got it translated to Telugu. The translation is very good and it will b very useful for the students who want to study the subject in their mother tongue.
    We should appreciate Google for its various application that is helping us in our life in many ways. It is not so easy to translate an article in no time and we are able to get it because of Google. My sincere appreciation to the creator of this search engine.

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    After reading the response from Dr Rao, can we have separate slot in Article section so that authors can also append their contents in respective local languages so that students would be immensely benefited. Over to Tony, our webmaster.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There has been a lot of improvements while translating English Versions to Hindi Ones with the application of Google. The originality is maintained in tact and there is no distortion either in the translation mode. This was not possible to have a flawless transition even before ten years back.It means that Google is taking care of appropriate of translations of the contents to maintain its superiority.
    If we take pain to translate any content from one language to the other, we could miss the original theme while doing so and even it could be a time consuming process. With the Google apparatus there is both originality of the translated content and saving the time in the process of translation.

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    When I applied Google translate in ISC to read English contents in Hindi Language. It was too interesting and useful. I recommend all person to use Google Translate to know the beauty of ISC in own native language.
    Phagu Mahato
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    Google translator works very nicely and it is improving day by day. The main difficulty found in a translating service is that it has to keep the meaning and substance of a write up same in the other language. There are phrases, idioms, and special words used in a language which often get distorted while translating but the modern translating applications like the Google one have improved much and providing a top class translation for any piece of text and that is going to benefit a large number of people who want to read and feel the matter in their own languages.
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