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    Prashant Kishor 300 crore deal with KCR to create TRS for national image

    The Telangana politics is now taking to national level as BJP wanted to prove as alternative to state and wants to oust KCR for sure, on the other hand KCR has struck a deal of 300 crores paid to Political strategist Prashant Kishor to create TRS national image and give feeds to KCR on how to go about in nurturing a grand alliance before the big national elections in 2024. How far KCR would make forays into national level would be closely watched as in North also some political equations are being worked out to keep BJP on tender hooks.
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    For any political leader, power is very important. They don't bother for anything else and their topmost priority is for their powerful position. I have seen an old Telugu movie by famous yesteryears actor Nagabusanam. In one of his movies, he says that a politician will not bother to lose his wife also in case his position is at stake, This will tell how much importance they will give to power. KCR is also one such politician. He wants to see his son as CM of Telangana and at the same time, he doesn't want to be powerless. So he wanted to become PM. Prashant Kishore may be able to say various ways and means to bring national stature to TRS. He will do something to Mamata's party also if she gives him money and the same is the case with Stalin. Now all these leaders will be trying to get supporters for his candidature for PM. So it will be interesting to see how this PK will deal with this subject. I strongly feel what happened to Chandra Babu Naidu in 2019 will happen to KCR in 2024 if he is trying to form a front and try to fight the elections. Congress may be there in the front or not, KCR may have to suffer if he tries such politics.
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    I do not know whether this is a good trend in a democratic setup. I have said the same thing earlier and would like to repeat that the performance of the political party should be the only criteria to win elections and there is no need for any game plan to win elections. Yes, politics is all about power but does it mean power at any cost? Why there should be tactics to win elections? This is nothing but misleading people as a large section of the population can still be considered poor. If we allow political parties to behave like corporates do we think they will think of the common men? I doubt!

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