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    Did you receive your excess tax paid from the income tax department?

    You might have submitted your income tax returns by this time. This year there were problems with the IT portal and the last date was extended. The problems were sorted out and now the portal is working normally.

    The department has to return the taxpayer if any excess tax is paid by him/her. All these years we were receiving this amount very fast. But this year I have not received the same and when I check the status of ITR it says the return is under process. I have to get a few thousand back from them

    As per the communication from the department, about 6.25 crore taxpayers have filed their ITR utilizing the e-filing portal. Out of them, about 4.5 crore returns have already been processed and the refunds are started.

    What about your ITR? Is it processed and did they return the excess amount?
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    There was some hiccup in the IT department last year and many could not file their ITR in time. however the matter has been sorted out and some might have paid advance excess tax and that would be eventually returned. But we being under the non taxable net, there is no question of IT excess amount return. However we are getting the notifications from income tax with some videos on the current tax collections and procedures. One thing is sure, gone are days when we used to take the help of CA for filing the returns and that would take time as he has to be free. Now we can do the online filing or even get help from the like minded people. So the digital way of living has created more facility to file the tax easily and even get the refund if paid excess. This kind of transparency was not present in the previous regimes.
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    This year there were some hiccups and teething troubles in the IT software system and the refunds were delayed. Though in my case there was no refund due but for one of my family members we got it in time and it was as quick as during the past years. I think the IT department is trying to make the refunds in time and completing the backlogs and hopefully it would be over by next few weeks.
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