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    Creative works require an imaginative push

    Creativity is the most important output in the human life and the ultimate purpose of all the efforts and hard work is to achieve that only. Though many people are able to present their work creatively but many miserably fail to do so as they lack some basic capabilities and thinking patterns to churn out creative contents. In my opinion the production of a creative work not only requires the basic knowledge and awareness in the concerned area but also requires an imaginative mind. People who can imagine and think in that way can produce better creative contents. Imagination is the key to produce myriads of ideas which are essential for generation of a concrete picture of the topic under consideration. What are your thoughts on this? Please share your views.
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    A person to be creative in a particular field has to undergo a lot of thinking process and he should have a better understanding of the subject concerned and should be able to create new ideas that can be explained with some logic and meaning. One should be able to present the work he has done in a systematic way so that people will get attracted to it.
    Many of the movie directors are very creative and they make new stories and picturise them in a beautiful way so that viewers will be happy with the movie. But many movies may not be hit at the box office as the director is not able to see that what he imagined is transferred to the viewers. That means he has not presented the whole issue properly.
    So having ideas and creating new concepts is, OK but their success depends on how they carry the same to others and make them understand.

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    Not all people are bestowed with the creative mind and some are very superlative in their lateral thinking and thus one step ahead than others. Our every effort would be to present everything in order, but lack of creativity within us would make us failure even at the last minute. The creativity minds are always at work as their concentration and observation power is great and it always be fetching new ideas and facilitating new way of thinking and thus they are uncomparable and unstoppable. There are members in this site who can create wonderful write ups just with one word given to them and shows their profess over the language, the knowledge and the connecting topic to which they would enlighten the replies with great detailing. And gifted are those who are avid readers and interacts with many elders to know more.
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