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    Metro rail systems is transforming city transportation

    We have metro rail systems being operational in Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Kochi. In Chennai, on every single day, the crowd is increasing day after day and people feel proud to use the metro as it is cheaper than using their personal vehicles.This is exactly what should happen. The metro is all set to make a big change in our lives. It is likely to even lead to less crowd in the buses in the long run. The urgent need is to make it so viable by finding other means of income instead of hiking ticket costs. One sure way of doing this is to ask private players to advertise in the vacant spaces of the metro stations and collect a huge premium.

    Metro rail should be introduced in more cities so that conveyance becomes easier and the pollution rate gets reduced.
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    As far as Metro travel is concerned, I can say that people will prefer this means only when they are daily commuters or the place is very very far from the origin. They will not waste their time waiting for the metro for a very short distance. People will get habituated as time proceeds. Each mode has its own advantage and disadvantage.
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    Metro rails are a good answer for heavy traffic in cities. In Hyderabad and Bangalore also metro trains are running. But the only problem is reaching the metro station and after getting down from the metro reaching the actual destination is somewhat problematic and people are losing time in this process and hence many are not preferring this. Daily commuters go to the station on their vehicle and park it there and evening while coming back they come back home on their vehicle. Hence metro stations require a lot of parking space and that is one problem many people are facing.
    But sponsoring a ride on the metro for the poor by the corporate house under their CSR is not that acceptable to me. How it is going to help the poor and what they are gaining out of it. Instead of that the CSR funds can be used fro providing medical aid and housing and education facilities to poor so that they will have a better life.

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    Yes it is the fact that Metro rail system has not only changed the traffic system but also proved immense help to the commuters. For example while going to Cuddalore I used to get down at Central, walk around opp Moore Market to get bus or taxi to Koyambedu and then to Cuddalore. Now I can take the metro train at central and get down at St Thomas mount where in the bus for Cuddalore stops there and thus proved to be hassle free and no tension. The journey time, the waiting time has drastically cut. I came to know that feasibility study for having metro in Trichy is under consideration and that should cover upto Samayapuram also which hardly 40 kms from Srirangam. Surely Metro trails created wonders and small towns need to be converted and ride for poor be sponsored by corporate house would make them happier.
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    Metro rail system is very successful in our country and in many places it is being implemented as well as expanded. This is one mode of transport that is very clean and time efficient and many people are opting for it especially those who are having this facility in their area of living and working. Govt is already trying to expand this in the country in a fast pace and hopefully in coming times we would have a lot of metro services across the country. This would ease up the crowd in the local buses also and the overall traffic would also come down when many car owners would start preferring this mode rather than going through their cars in the crowded traffic wasting a lot of time and energy.
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    One important point mentioned by Rao Sir is the proximity of the nearest bus stands at a walkable distance and the need for intelligent connectivity. For example, if a person wants to go to his house at Kipauk at Chennai,after landing in a flight from Dubai at say, 8 AM, he can take the metro upto Central, get out and take an auto to his house and the Metro would take him from airport to Chennai Central Metro where he will have to change track and take the next metro to Kilpauk. Assuming that he has just one bag with the trolly kind of arrangement, he can easily do this. Or, if he is with his family, he can still board the Metro at the airport. Today, the metro is used by over 1.5 lakh people and the DMK Government is also providing linkages from various points to the metro stations. Unemployed youth should be given license to drive the Tata Ace kind of autos that can easily transport a huge number of people. Every metro city should have such facilities.

    The bus companies should gradually reduce the number of buses or transfer the personnel to other cities for work. There is no point in running buses on routes where people have already swiched to the metro.

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