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    Reaching the office on time is the result of the combined punctuality of many

    We are all involved in any job or business. But there is a time set for everyone to reach the office, and they have to arrive at the office on time no matter what. Ever wondered how many people work hard to get to our office on time? From the milkman to the paperman, the housemaid, and the driver, everyone has to do everything according to the time rules, and their family has to be punctual. After that, your own family has to do all the work on time. Only then will you be able to reach the office on time if the traffic on the road works properly. Thus the result of the combined timeliness effort of many can reach the office on time. What is your thinking?
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    Punctuality is an essential requirement for all. The bus has to come on time and reach the destination on time. We have to reach the office on time. We can't say something got delayed and hence I am late. How you manage your resources and time is your choice and but the employer wants you to be there in the office on time.
    Unfortunately, many things are not on time in our country. No train will come on time and no bus will reach the destination on time. This may be due to poor planning or inadequate infrastructure. So we have to plan our time based on all these inputs and we have to reach our destination on time.
    Generally. many people say that the heavy traffic is a reason for their late arrival but the boss will say that you have to start with your housekeeping heavy traffic in mind. Certain things if we don't do it as per the timing we will not get the desired result. So punctuality is one aspect everyone should follow to be successful in their lives.

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    What the author has stressed the need for over all punctuality of the people who are connected to our daily life and it is the fact that the day starts with milk man who has to deliver the milk in time, otherwise we would be going out to fetch the same and that is waste of time. And if we had already purchased the vegetables and diced the same overnight, then cooking the food for the morning would be easy and going , otherwise sometime we may not get the required vegetable in the morning. House maids, driver and people who need to come in time so that everything goes in tandem and we are in time time to the office. One thing is sure, our office is not concerned about our problems and arrangements at the home and what they need is the reaching of every staff in time and that should be followed daily without any late remarks.
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    Adhering to the time schedules and observing discipline in our lives are the basic building blocks of a successful career. Time is the essence of all our activities and if we respect the time then everything can be achieved. Many people understand the importance of time and give it full attention and concern. For achieving an activity to be undertaken in the stipulated time one has to plan properly and any lapse, however small it is, would affect the schedule sometimes drastically bringing failures and setbacks. It is imperative that we have to understand this crucial factor called time clearly in our lives and sequence our activities accordingly. The example given in this post that there are so many efforts combined in making a person reach office in time is an eye opener in this respect.
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    If we have the firm determination to stick to punctuality, no circumstance will hinder us on maintaining the scheduled time. There are many possibilities that we might fail to adhere to the punctuality including the heavy traffic on the road obstructing us to reach office in the right time. However the expectation from the side of the boss is high enough to maintain the timing set for joining the duty. What we need is the prudent planning of the entire situation just before the next night including all the essential activities to be taken up for the next morning. We should be aware of the locations which could cause disruption in our normal reporting time to our office. We need to look for alternatives routs enabling us to be duty in time. It does not mean that we might not fail sometimes but the employers would definitely appreciate our efforts for the maintenance of the punctuality.

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