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    Standing still in your performance means sliding backward

    This should be interesting to know. When we think that we are performing the routine work and we are not bothered about others performance but when comparison is made, actually the nearest competitor would be over taking and our standing still performance does not matter anymore. Though there is one more concept that be a steady performer always to gain win, but the competitor knows our weakness and thus brace up to overtake eventually. So doing little better than yesterday would have been looking forward and not sliding backward.
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    This is a thought provoking thread by the author. Stagnation is something that we have to avoid in our lives. It is really interesting to note that many people reach at certain level in their lives and then remain their itself just doing the minimum efforts to survive at that level. They feel that they had attained everything in their lives and there was no point in unnecessarily working hard and yearning for more. But ambitious and determined people never think on those lines and try to progress at every stage and work more than their earlier benchmarks. It is true that when a person has already reached at a high level then attaining the further incremental progress becomes a matter of great challenge but there is no harm in trying for that. It is also true that dynamic and hard working attitude is required for such aspirations.
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    But putting forward performance is also a challenge to a regular. And that needs constant apprisal of self.
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    That is always correct. One should improve his performance levels from time to time. Then only their progress will be fast. This is the lesson one should do while they are in service. These are the days of competition and unless otherwise, we give our best we can't survive. Fittest only will survive.
    One should look around for the new skills that are required for performing better in his role and he should work hard and try to acquire those skills and use them in their duties so that their level of performance will improve from year to year. We know that once in a while we have to sharpen our tools so that they will not get rusted. Acquiring new skills or updating the developments in the skills already we have is nothing but sharpening our tools only.
    Good advice by the author. These days author is coming out with many such threads which will tell us about the need for our higher levels of performance.

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    I doubt whether it would be appropriate to form a generalized opinion in this connection. All jobs or tasks we undertake, does, I think, reach a point of stagnation at some point of time. It depends on the nature of work, the result demanded and the position we are in. Improvement in output is possible only when the work you undertake has avenues open for bettering your efforts. Let us take the example of a person who works as a cleaning staff in an organization. His basic duty is to keep the premises clean and it does not change. So, the work, in this case is stagnant. Yes, if his output is not up to the mark, there is a scope for improvement and he should put in more efforts to better his skills. But what if he is already doing his best and is keeping the premises spic and span? In that case there is no scope for any improvement. I think it is the same case with most of the jobs. So, basically, it is not that we can keep improving our performance on a regular basis on whatever grounds. There ought to be stagnation in our performance if we are doing our best and when there is nothing more that can be added or altered.
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    Doing better every day is a good idea though it depends on the type of job you are doing. For example, if a student scores 100 out of 100 in some subjects she/he need to study something beyond the syllabus as the syllabus is already completed which is understood from the score. When there is a chance of betterment, one must avail the chance but at the same time if one is always comparing her/his performance with the other then it can lead to disaster as you are creating a benchmark by looking at the performance of another one and not your previous one. Better your own performance by acquiring new skills if the task demands so, otherwise, do something more interesting to move ahead. The important thing is your mind should not be still and dull.

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    This is really a wonderful thread brought up by the author which is commendable. Progress in life should never stop, no matter what level we reach, but we should always have the passion to try something new and constantly. It not only helps us to learn something new but also enhances our skills. When we stabilize ourselves, we do not realize when we start coming back down because this process is slow in the beginning but becomes faster later. And by the time we realize that we come down quite a bit, then again we read to put double efforts in lifting ourselves, so it is better to keep pushing ourselves slowly but continuously.

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