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    Do you agree that reputations are earned and not made ?

    When we are among the peer group they would look out for those who are the individual performers without anybody's help and interventions. This way we have to handle people with big reputation that will eventually enhance our performance. Here we have to take the help of wait and take mode that may be complain, complete, defend or discover. That means we must be free from complaints, complete the pending works, defend our work task done and discover new way of doing next target. This way the reputation is earned.
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    What the author has indicated is absolutely correct that we earn our reputation with our dedication to jobs and the ways of our handlings with the boss and colleagues.This would not be difficult for us if we have the inner urge for the same. We have to show our performance within the group with which we have been included and the boss closely observe the activities of individuals. Though the task is completed by the entire group but all are not contributing significantly towards the fulfilment. Some are really excellent in their output and the same is recognised by the boss. These people move faster in their service because of their reputation and dedication. Wherever they remain, they make their own positions by way of their hard work and patience.

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    True. Reputation can be earned by working sincerely or by being loyal to the boss. If we are in the good books of the boss we can get good rewards for the amount of work we are putting in. WIthout showing our potential and without showing the output you can never get the reputation in the company. So one should not hesitate to work to his maximum potential and get the appreciations of the top people and should earn a reputation within the organisation. Theoretically speaking the above-mentioned lines are very true.
    At the same time like in other areas, in this also organisational politics will have its role-play and in this process, some real genuine people will get sidelined and 'Our People" will get more recognition than they deserve, This I have seen in many places where the MDs close associates will have more power in their hand and they will get the reputation as they can manage the things from the boss.

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    Building reputation is a very difficult task. It requires an approach where every acton is correct and impresses others. Even a single bad acton or decision can spoil the earned reputation in no time. There are some people who are very careful in taking decisions and actions and they do it after considering all the pros and cons of the matter. They have enough patience to calculate the consequences of an action and the result of their decisions. They also have a great gift of foreseeing in the future and their actions are far ranging in their outcomes. Though it is difficult to earn a good reputation but there are some people who are able to achieve this and we must learn and experience from their ways and inculcate those practices in our lives if we want to be popular and earn a good respect in the society or among our friends and relatives. When we do something then there will be criticism and complaints but if we do that keeping in view of those expected reactions then we can avoid those things and get success in getting a good reputation.
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