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    We should not encourage chemical-based beauty products

    Gone are the days when Tamil women sported the traditional bindis the did no harm to their health. In the good old days, they would use natural products like turmeric after their bath in the river and the bindi would be so pure. Today, both are gone. Everywhere in India,one is told.

    The sticker bindis are convenient to use but dangerous for the skin. I read an article that continuous use of these products are very harmful. The 'ethnic' product brigade is loud in its propositions. For example, there are largely herbal based shampoos, vis-a-vis the hugely chemical-based shampoos.

    One needs to consult a dermatologist and decide. Of course, it is extremely doubtful if the younger generation will even listen to any advice. Their social life does not allow any room to go back to nature, but let us try to convince them.
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    That is true these products will do a lot of harm to our skin and over a period of time the damage will be very high and we may not be able to get back to normalcy. It is always better to use natural beauty products instead of synthetic beauty products.
    Turmeric is the best for the face and it will protect the skin. But these days people stopped using the same. Turmeric will not have any negative effects on our skin and keeps it safe away from bacterial infection. Keeping these points only in view our elders recommended this and all were using the same.
    Dermatologists never suggest their clients use these commercially available synthetic products. But some people get attracted by the advertisements on TV where they show beautiful faces who will say is the secret of their beauty is that product.

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    It cannot be denied that the synthetic products are never beneficial to our skin. It could react with the skin pores and numerous skin problems are visible now a days due to rampant use of the synthetic products. These products are popular due to the fact that it does not take so much time to use. In case of Bindi, simply the same is to be applied on the external face and that remains fixed for a long period of time. This interacts with the skin and later the users are affected with the skin disorders costing them huge money by way of treatment. Moreover, it is always not curable because it might take the cancerous form of the last stages. We were using lotions using cur cumin, curd, besan etc soothing to our skin. These products have the nourishing effects on the skin providing natural glow to the skins but these indigenous products are no more used since market is flooded with the beauty products claiming more benefits to the skins and our ladies are hooked to these products. However the results are not encouraging.

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    When it comes to beauty products for the women it is highly competitive international market and what is surprising me that big multinational companies are vying to overtake our desi Kajal with their counter product which is not acceptable to our Indian women. In some villages, the women prepare the Kajal on their own which keep the eye sharp and not having any vision problems But foreign brands with chemical ingredients are dangerous to be applied in eyes and the face and thus our Indian women should not be carried away. Nothing suits as the best herbal to have glowing looks using turmeric. basen and even the banana mesh which is very useful for the face glow. Only the village women understands the beauty of home made products and thus they never visited the beauty parlour in their life for any purpose.
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    Are all chemical-based beauty products dangerous? I don't think so. There may be substandard products that do not follow the laid down norms and restrictions and using them may harm the skin. But quality products that are manufactured by following the rules have been accepted and is regularly used only because, I think, they have been proved to be not harmful to the skin. That being so, anything in excess may cause harm and that is applicable to beauty products too. Sticker bindis have been around for a long time now and other than some isolated cases, due to different reasons, they have not been found to cause any harm. For that matter, even the Vibhuti (sacred ash) or the sandalwood paste that we use for a long time may create scar on our forehead if their quality is not good or if they have been adulterated.

    I think we need to accept the changes with the change in time and change in our thoughts and lifestyle. Expecting a young (or for that matter, even elderly) woman to put turmeric paste on her face, hands and feet and move out in these days would be asking for too much.

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    As per the standard industry practices, chemicals and colours are extensively tested before using them in beauty or food products. Once they are cleared by the food controller and their quantities are specified to be used in that proportion then only they are used commercially. So that is within the tolerance range of the human beings and are used by the people who can afford those products. Unfortunately when there is a product then there is a copy of it immediately made by some evil elements who want to earn money through fake and duplicate products. These people use substandard chemicals and even the unauthorised replacements which are very dangerous for our health and people who buy these cheaper substandard products are at the losing end. There comes the role of the regulatory and monitoring agencies who have to take a serious look on these fake products which are not only creating a loss to the original product manufacturers but also posing a hazard to our health.
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