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    Equality of people is a perpetual dream

    There is always a talk about the equality of people in our country especially on financial aspects and it is strongly felt that Govt should provide employment to the people and give special support and subsidies to the poor so that they can also survive in this tough environment. Though we talk of equality but when it comes to eradication of poverty then we face failures and setbacks. There are many reasons for that like large population, lack of good governance in the system, widespread corruption and many more. I had pondered about this issue in the past and occasionally think about it in my present also but my perception so far arrived in this matter is that in the given circumstances we can only hope for the eradication of poverty and in reality we might not be able to achieve it. So equality of the people remains a dream only. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts.
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    The struggle to survive between the rich and poor always exists, while the rich is involved on how to save the earnings thus made and the poor wants to earn for day to live. While govt employment not possible, at least through some financial assistance paid through the individual bank account would be more welcome. The eradication of poverty cannot be done, because by giving pittance as the reach, how can one suffice the need of the life. So long term planning from the govt at state and central level is must. The free rations given by the govt to the poor are reaching the hotels at 8 per kg rice being purchased and thus govt also fed up to come with any welfare measures which are grossly misused. What I feel that central and state govt should make immediate survey of unemployed persons among the family and given them direct cash benefit to their bank account.
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    Yes. At least our generation, that is presently who are between their 50s and 70s, will not see that and there are no chances further also. The politicians of Independent India spoiled the entire country with their vote politics. Providing some reservations is a good move but the facility is never given to really who deserve it. Some sections of those castes only get benefitted and the poor people in those castes are still poor only. Nobody will think of it as they will not get votes if there is any change in the policy. Still, to attract some other castes the reserved castes list is getting bigger but in reality more are getting benefited. Only a selected few are getting the benefit. This is increasing the gap between the rich and the poor. So where is the question of equality?
    Some political parties may have some good intentions but they can't dare to set these things right as they will be having the fear of losing in the next elections. So equality will never come in this country really.

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    The term and concept of equality is often misinterpreted. Equality denotes equality among equals only. All the people cannot be treated equally. There must be a common factor that places them in the same platform and only if there is discrimination between them, we can say that there is inequality. The poor cannot be treated equally with the rich and the poorest cannot be equated with the poor. The criteria for deciding the benchmarks differ and we need to be aware about the same.

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    As Saji Sir has mentioned in his reply, the benchmark must be different for each issue. Yes, poverty is still there and governments most of the time say they will eradicate poverty but they do not say that they will make the poor rich because that's not possible through help. At most, the governments can try to reduce the parity in the economic condition between the poor and the middle class. The vote bank politics and corruption are the two main reasons for remaining unsuccessful on this front and it seems there is no respite.

    In terms of law, it's a different issue as the law of the land is the same for all and if a certain section gets the undue advantage we can say there is inequality.

    If we go through all the caste, creed and religion-based issues prevalent in the country I would say it's because of the inequality in the mindsets though we cannot expect everyone to think in the same way. In that case, at least some efforts can be made to change the thought process of the people by applying logic which also may not be feasible as many politicians do not want this to happen.


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