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    Will technology make us totally materialistic?

    The relentless onslaught of advanced technology is already upon all of us in the metro cities and to some extent, in the smaller towns and villages as well. There is a bit impatient and mostly self-centered younger generation in the age group of 16 to 30, who have totally embraced this advanced technology, but human relationships are totally getting lost in the melee. The blatant use of the word "perisu" in Tamil, to particularly mock anyone over the age of 60, is one such practice. This word translates into "old man" or "old woman" with some contempt thrown in.

    Since most in this age group are so busy watching movies on OTT platforms and are engaged on Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media on all working days and on the weekends as well, they have no time to talk to the elderly even for five minutes.

    Where do we go from here? So, is advanced technology a bane, as it turns out? Or, is it that it is a boon anyway and that excessive use of it should be curbed to induce more human interactions at home and in the society?
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    The younger generation of 16 to 30 years brackets are grown up according to them as they start earning at the age of college pass out and once the they see the salaries in their hand, they are more selfish and wants to settle their own needs first and on the other hand the parents feel that it is the duty of the child to part with salaries for the family expenses but that does not happen. The youth never understand the fact that how the parents would have coped to pay for the fees, got the dresses and attended to other needs without denying and when it comes to pay back them, children wants to keep the money for their dress, enjoyment, spending on parties and week end programs. Thus the confused parents are reclining to the easy chair as they cannot take confrontation nor ask for money and only the time would teach the children.
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    The author is very correct. Human beings these days are not having interactions with other human beings. They always live in the virtual world only. They play virtual games. They chat with unknown people who are their virtual friends. They interact through virtual platforms only.
    Technology should become a tool for human beings for their development and prosperity. But they should not become slaves to these technological developments and not understand the value of human relations.
    These days many young people are not talking to other young people. They interact through phone messages only. Old people generally, like to talk and discuss with people. But they don't get an opportunity to do that.
    One should understand the necessity of cooperation between people and be in touch and friendly with the people around. Otherwise, human relations will get spoiled and nobody will care for another person.

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    Advancement in technology has provided us many gadgets which keep us not only busy but we have got an addiction sort of thing in using them. Some of the youngsters are so much addicted to these indulgences that their creative channels are simply blocked and they are totally confused in their lives because they are not able to spare time for making a career and are simply having a miserable life. The hazards of the new technologies are many and only those who use it judiciously can progress and prosper in their lives. We should not be a slave to these emerging technologies but use them for our benefit and career making.
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    Advancements in Technologies should be welcomed but at the same time, they are to be utilized in a good manner. Because of advanced technology we should never treat old manners as obsolete and useless. Many people mocked the old traditional values in the guise of modern technologies. It should never be encouraged. Modern advancement in technology should be applied to eradicate the hurdles of old traditional methods. When I went to a village near my native in Tamilnadu happened to visit the house of a family friend who was a traditional potter, that is pot making out of clay. I was astonished to see that the family was doing their traditional practice of pot making through a wheel but the wheel was operated by a link of a bicycle instead of manually rotating wheel. He, the elderly man told me that it was organized by his son who did his engineering diploma and assisted him in his business development. This is what Dr. Abdul Kalam sahib told in all his speeches that our improving technologies should be applied to developing our nation rather than anything.

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