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    What national brands of pens are good?

    There is still some confusion about the good national brands of pens. For instance, Raynolds does not exist anymore. Its name has been changed. We are told it is back under the name of Rotomac. There used to be a good brand called ADDGEL, but somehow or the other, it is not sold in many shops or department stores of the big supermarkets. Only Flair seems to dominate. It is okay, but one does not know if it is the best.

    What is the best Gel pen brand? Or variations of it, that retail for Rs10 to Rs.40 apiece? Is it true that some national brands are sold only in say, most of North and West India, and mostly in say, Mumbai? What is the reality?
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    When we go to a pen store, the range and the varieties are more and we are stunned to have so many pens ranging from three rupee to 100 rupee per piece. Since the ball point pens are being used, many local brands are also doing brisk business by offering free if we buy more pens. Local brands are also good and particularly use and throw pens are being purchased at three and it lasts for at least 10 days or based on the usage. But writo meter pens are most famous among the students as long notes can be written with constant flow of ink even during the hot summer season and thus writo meter pens are highly recommended. And for the elites, the Parker pens looks more elegant and when it adorned on our pocket, that gets the respect and recognition among the public. Parker pens are costing more than 100 rupees per piece.
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    These days many people never carry a pen with them. My grandfather never used to go out without a pen in his pocket. The same is the case with my father also. I used to carry it in my pocket till very recently. But now I lost the habit of carrying a pen with me.
    During my studies, we used use fountain pens and pens made by Star company were very famous. Reynolds was very famous till recently. But now I am not seeing even those pens also. As mentioned by Mohan we see many pens made by flair are seen. Many pens which are use and throw type are coming and even we don't know the brand name of the company. Parker pens are coming but they are very costly.
    Even executives also these days are not carrying pens with them. The office table will have a pen stand and some pens may be there in that it and very rarely the use them. These days all transactions are on a computer only and there is no necessity of writing on paper and then typing.

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    This is a very informative and helpful post. It grows our business knowledge.

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    With the changes in the attitudes of the people, there are very few carrying ball pens in their pockets. If we go up to the past looking back fifty years back, we estimated the people of their high dignity if they carried at least four to five ink pens in their pocket of different brands. Those days Parker, Pilot, Wilson were the high quality pens and keeping such pens indicated the aristocracy of the people.Then that pattern diminished with the advent of the ball pen age. Reynolds maintained its superiority and became popular among the student community for its superb writing due to consistent flow of ink. Unfortunately this pattern is not available in the market. However, the other products such as Link, Flair are offering excellent jobs in the present scenarios. Students are now hooked to metered pen which will provide them satisfaction for their uninterrupted writings apart from its uniform flow of the ink.

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