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    Laziness is a terrible disease like any other serious illness?

    Laziness destroys the feeling of working and makes people useless. The lazy person can never feel the joy that a person who is busy at work feels at leisure after work. Lazy brains are the abode of the devil. And they are the ones who call for the evil deeds of society and bring about social degradation from the spread of disease, misdeeds, etc. They living a neglected life is a burden to society and the country. So if anyone knows such a person, help him to bring him back to the mainstream of society. It's our duty.
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    Laziness are of different kind. Some are more habituated to avoid a particular work and their dodging mentality proves that they are no more interested and need not be disturbed. Another set of people are those who are physically unwell and cannot attempt specific tasks. And lazy people have enough times to induce others who are good and even disturb their routine works. The evil design, the trouble makers in lazy people are abundant and they are the reason to create commotion and uneasy in the society. These sets of people are sought by the politicians who wants to create scene against the govt and thus their actions are anti govt and the police nab them as the anti social elements. And these people are difficult to be changed even in the jails where in they are given works to earn and forget their past misdeeds.
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    The span of life given to us is limited. Every minute of it is to be utilised properly and enjoy life. One should try to leave his mark with his works in his field. Wasting the time without doing anything is never a correct trait. Some people sleep as and when the chance comes and they sleep more than what is required. Some people waste their time simply sitting and chitchatting. It will never serve any purpose.
    The happiness derived by showing our competence in our work area is a great feeling to the individual and lazy people can't understand that feeling. These days I am seeing some people who sleep in the night after Midnight and get up only after 9 AM. They will be on their mobiles till sleep and during the remaining time also they will be wasting a lot of time on mobile. They will never show any interest in working. If we bring some sense in such people and make them work for some time at least will bring a good change in them. who will do that? Lazy is an illness but there are no doctors who can treat that illness.

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    The author is perfect on this topic. When I started my first employment I got a job in a factory at a distance of 10 kilometers of distance from my house. To reach that place there was no direct bus route but I have to catch two buses and that too I had to travel more than five kilometers in a circular route.(Now there are direct buses from my house to that place and the total travel hour is only twenty to thirty-five minutes). For this, I have to start from my house by five o clock in the morning. It was very problematic for me to get up in the early morning. I mentally made up my mind by thinking about the bus conductor and driver as I could not reach the factory if they felt lazy in reaching their bus stand. I immediately threw away my laziness and started to move out. In this way, I made up my mind to remove laziness in me. Really laziness kill the daily life of one.

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    Laziness is simply defined as resistance to work. This is a passive mode of the people where there is no activity and it consists of only rest or lazy activities which do not result in any creative content. Laziness might bring temporary enjoyment in one's life but ultimately it would bring misery and helplessness in life. Once laziness takes control over the life of a person then it becomes very difficult to come out of it as the person starts to become an addict. For a successful career and life, one has to remove every element of laziness from one's life and literally speaking eradicate it and inculcate active habits. The author has rightly said that it is a disease because it harms us more than a physical disease. For removing laziness from one's life one has to be among the active people and should not sit alone in one room. It is advisable to remain with the people who are active and always busy with some work so that one can learn to work from them. Inspiration and motivation are two things that would help a lazy person to transform himself in a hard working person.
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    Laziness is the biggest enemy of human life, we have been hearing this saying for many years, which is also true. Today, there have been changes in many things as well as in thinking, with this some old sayings are also not meaningful now but laziness is like an enemy, this is an infinite truth. Today, when we have come so far in the developed world, where people get the best results even in the least amount of hard work, even then the person who gives priority to laziness in life always keeps on hurting himself. Laziness is not only to avoid a particular work, but laziness is a tendency that once comes in the nature of a person, then it can cause heaps of trouble. To keep ourselves away from laziness, keeping ourselves as close as possible is the best way when we start thinking about giving ourselves more rest and this rest sometimes takes the form of laziness.

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