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    Try to identify factors and forces that are stopping your routines

    It is the fact that on daily basis we have certain routines and duties to which we alone can attend and complete the task either at home or office. Some times the forces and factors which are external would hamper our task and we miss the deadline to complete the same. It may be disturbance from a fellow employee, it may be cascading remark for no fault of you, or it may be a group failure and that cast a spell of doom on your performance. Nevertheless one must identify such things and take damage control exercise immediately. What is your view on this matter ?
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    If our routines are getting hampered by external factors means there is something wrong with our planning.
    If we have to make a dish tomorrow for our breakfast the previous night we should see whether all required ingredients are there or whether to obtain them. Another way is to see what is available in the kitchen and plan something from the available items. What I mean is we should be proactive and make arrangements well in advance to see that we will progress well without any disturbance. Generally, the problems will come due to our attitude or planning only. Our colleagues will never try to hamper our work but it is a general statement to blame on somebody.
    Many of us will be defensive always and try to find something which is beyond our reach as the reason for our failures. This is very common these days. Even in a group, there will be a leader who will oversee the works of all the team members and provide supplementary help wherever required. But some people who never work try to complain about others and forget their own inefficiencies.

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    It is very true that sometimes some circumstances change our plans and affect our day to day routine activities and we fail to achieve the results and objectives expected during the day. Other important thing in this matter is our own laziness and resistance to work often hampers the smooth passage of the actions in our daily life. Whatever be the reasons behind such bottlenecks we have to identify them and try to remove them from our schedules so that we can smoothly tread ahead. Sometimes there are some external factors on which we have no control. In such cases we can reschedule our activities and try to move ahead smoothly. As a human being we are having enough capability and potential to tackle all the difficulties and situations coming in our way and affecting our performance. Only thing is we must be aware of them and get awakened accordingly.
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    It is the common tendency of the people to blame others for our own faults and any failure thereof would be the main there main reason of their failures. Instead of having the thorough concentration of their different activities requiring a little adjustment for accomplishing their routine work they resort to the easy approach of blame game. If the plannings are chalked out considering all the activities of the day, nothing will miss or left for the next time.
    It might be possible that someone would drop once we are engaged in activities and the same can be deferred for the time being to join him but the same task is to be fulfilled according to its revised scheduled. The best option is to think all the aspects which could delay in completion of the tasks within our hands. Hence a careful consideration is required at least a day earlier so that nothing is left out for which we may have the concrete plannings.

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    This is a very nice thread that has been shared by the author. In fact, when an employee or any other person chooses a certain routine for himself, then in that selection he will not know that in order to make this routine successful, it is necessary to protect himself from which obstacles as well as which such Factors that are helpful in making the routine a success. This factor can be anything, sometimes people around us, situations, mental or physical problems, etc. We may even avoid some of the factors, but the factors that suddenly come to the fore cannot be avoided, and even without wanting, they start to affect our routine. For such a situation only processes like mental balance are very helpful, when a person feels peace in mental and spiritual form, then small changes or factors cannot affect his disciplined life.

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