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    Why do the rich pretend being poor?

    There is no limit to luxury in their life but the rich seldom share their wealth with the poor though some of them do get involved in philanthropic activities. But in most cases, they do it for their own benefits. The rich suffer from their own imperfections. They never imagine to be poor but sometimes, pretends to be so. I think pretending to be poor may also be a kind of luxury for them. What do you say? Have you come across such people and why do you think they pretend to be poor even when they are rich?

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    After reading this post my thought went to my Marwadi friend who has a Plastic store in famous market, comes on a not so good looking scooter which lost paint, looks very old and sometimes wont start immediately. I chided him many a time as to why he not going for new vehicle and keeping on adjusting with the old. What he replied was really stunning. He said that one should not get head strong with wealth thus acquired. More than us it is the enemy who are having more eyes on us and therefore any new purchases would send them the signal that business is overwhelming and the living is very luxurious. I think he made the point here. Pretending to be poor is the motive for many to showcase others that nothing is improving and they are continuing with hand to mouth existence. So rich would try to be poor for the above reason.
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    Some people appear poor but they are not poor. If they show their richness they feel that others will have a sour eye and that may affect their progress. Such people will have a very bad feeling towards the poor people. I know a person who was dealing with scrap and doing scrap buying and selling business. He used to create a feeling among others that there were no profits in his business and he used to manage the person sitting at the top and buy the items at a cheaper rate from the factories in that area. But he never used to reveal where he was reselling them. He used to appear like a very poor man and used to live in a small house. But he made excellent profits and purchased good properties in the neighbouring city and nobody know till his death. He used to pay very meagre wages to the people working with him and managing. His workers used to think that their boss is really suffering from poverty. After his death, his sons are enjoying their lives and they stopped that scrap business.
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    Yes, there are many business people doing their business pretending that their earnings are not hefty enough while doing such jobs. They mix with the poor people with comfort and even talk in length giving others a false promise that he is no better than those people. This is a kind of taking them into confidence that he is no better than them in any ways in terms of comfort and earning. These business people think that any additions of property before the eyes of poor will have the detrimental effects on their thinking and it is better to remain in such a stage that they would be able to manage their sympathies.

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    Generally rich people will flaunt their money and acquired gadgets in front of others. It is a type of show off that they often exhibit. Poor and middle class people would simply observe their richness and become sad about their belongings and lack of spending power. It is rare that a rich person would pretend as poor. In fact even if he does like that no one would believe him. However sometimes they may simply mention as how hard their lives are as they have to spend a lot on so many things and though they are rich they also feel seriously about such large expenses that they incur. They have also to be careful in not wasting all the money they have just like that. They will remain rich only till their earnings are much more than their expenditures. That is the reason why rich always try to increase their earnings. They have a keen desire to remain rich for ever.
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    Yes this is to just cheat others but they cheat themselves. A friend of mine used to tell when enquired about him as,' I am alright and in the top of world'. Through this phrase he overcome all his worries and problems. There is a saying in Tamil 'panakkaran dhaadi vacha busy yezhai dhadi vacha pasi' which means if poor have beard it denotes his hunger but if rich it shows his busy.

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