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    I do not have any time!

    Many people say that they have no time in hand otherwise they wanted to do certain things in their lives. Whenever such conversation is there they would emphasise and reiterate that they could not do a particular thing because of the lack of time. This often surprises me because if a person is interested to do a particular task of his liking then he would definitely undertake it and would try to squeeze it in his so called tight schedule. It is only when he does not like to do a thing that he would make an excuse of lack of time. I do not think that time is so short in our lives that we make such excuses. Actually there is a plenty of time in our hands but we are wasting a lot of it in wasteful activities and then making complaints that we do not have it. What do the members think about this? Please share your opinion.
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    I do not have time is the escape mode of evading the works and nothing more than that. The lack of time excuse is nothing but they are not able do decide between which is important and which is not. Here the wants are unlimited for the person but has the time constraint that is very real drawback. But among the task which ever is very interesting must be accorded the top priority and then accept the same to be completed. Even then some of them have the wavering mind of selecting between the task and wants to have multitasking at the same time and thus end up with no performance or less results. Moreover at the first instance many have the time constraint issue but when they come to know that close associates are also trying the same cause, they would certainly have the participation with half heart because the entry was without planning.
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    Many of us lose many important duties through this phrase. We have been given 24 hours for a day but still we used to say this phrase. Some of use this phrase to avoid the work or person. We are simply cheating ourselves own with this phrase. We should give priority to our works and do allot limit for that, otherwise we are forced to plough ourselves in a same place.

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    It is a status to say that I have no time. Many people want to say that they are busy. Instead of telling that they say I have no time. But strictly speaking, time may not be the real constraint. If we have many works on hand to do, we can divide them based on the works into urgent, normal and we can do it later. If we have more interest in the works we can do letter but we will start now itself and we will not attempt the works you have to do immediately . But we will say that we have no time. If you are really interested in doing the work, you can start the work now and the work that is started can wait till this urgent work is over. It all depends on your inclination towards doing that work.
    If there is a way there is a way. If you are really interested in attempting that work you can manage the time and that is not a big deal. There are people who can do multi tasking also very effectively. When we have an intention we will look around and try to find out some method and way to complete that work also.

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    We need to schedule all our work within the stipulated time as time always moves at its own pace. If we do not maintain a schedule we will not be able to manage all the work properly and ultimately all the jobs may not be properly executed. People say they do not have time for certain things because those tasks are not in their schedule as they feel them less important. The interesting thing is to decide which are important and it varies according to the individual. There are people who give importance to only those tasks in which they can make some gains and find other tasks not so important and hence do not have time for such tasks. When one has no time either the person is unable to efficiently allocate time to each task or find some tasks not important enough.

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