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    We have exercise equipments in public park. Do you have ?

    There is a public park in the Moula Ali Housing board colony, probably very near to the house of our esteemed member Dr Rao, and while going through that place today, I stumbled to find many elders, women and youth are doing all kinds of exercise with great rejoice on varied exercise modes. Normally we find such equipments in the gym and they are heavily charged. It is good to see that Kapra Municipality has spent huge on these equipments and service is for free. Do you have such an arrangement in your town or city public parks ?
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    Many public parks nowadays have outdoor fitness equipment where everyone has access to an exercise and bodybuilding facility. In general, this establishment is courtesy of the corporation, the municipality. Those who come for morning or afternoon travel can avail of this facility. Its utility is very high nowadays.
    There are no such facilities in my area, but the kids only have play equipment in the park. Having such an arrangement will benefit many, especially those who are not accustomed to it, will also be interested in exercising seeing this benefit. Therefore, the local government authority should be made obligated to provide such facilities in the public park.

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    Double side walker, Hand pulling, driving wheel are the ones being tried by the elders.
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    This park was there for many years. But was not maintained properly maintained. But after the new corporator was elected in the last GHMC elections. he has taken up the responsibility of improving that park and now it is very well maintained. I used to go there with my granddaughters in the evening.
    There is a small family accommodation in one corner of the park and the caretaker family will reside in that accommodation. He will be looking after the maintenance of that park. In the same park, there is equipment for the children to play with. Retired people, ladies and children will be coming there in the evenings and mornings many people will be going there for walking. When one of my uncles was staying near my house we both used to go there for walking. But his son got transferred and hence he left this place. This place is very near to my house and we will walk down there for some time pass sometimes.
    A well-maintained park.

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    I think this trend is picking up in many places because I have also seen it in 3 parks which are maintained by the municipality. These equipments are very study and are of good quality and they can with stand the rains and sun in that open situation. Everyone cannot afford to pay the high charges of gym and from that angle it is a big facility for the poor and lower class people who can use this public facility whenever they want to. This is also a good facility to encourage and motivate the people to use them for exercises for better health.
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    In our housing colony we had a very well maintained park. The green park is with full of trees and plants. The park is equipped with a good walking track and most of the people come for regular walking or jogging. It has good seating facility to sit and enjoy nature. It has a yoga center to do yoga exercises. Other than this it has a Library provided with newspapers, magazines and books. The corporation authorities maintaining nicely. But it has no gym equipment.
    Just very close to our colony in our area, a big walking track with a pool at the middle of park and with long green trees around the park. This park has lot of gym equipment to do various exercises. The gym equipment can be used freely and are very well maintained. In the evening even music will be played with nice old songs. Weighing machine is also there in the park to know our weight. I usually go to any of these parks in the evening according to my convenience. It is nice to have good parks in our area to do our physical exercises as well as to spend good time in the evenings.

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    Yes. But I have noticed them only when I went there with my brother's daughter for her play. Since then I go there with my brother to have some exercises as he is a diabetic patient. It is highly useful to have such exercise equipments in the public park as it helpful to those who do not afford to have by their own in the house. The major thing in this point is the maintenance of such equipments should be made regularly and the exact cooperation to that maintenance should be raised from the users of the park and equipments. The users should properly use them with some knowledge in order to keep them unbroken or making useless.

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