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    How long will the people suffer for the sake of Festivals?

    The land of this country, adorned with festivals, looks very beautiful with these festivals and cultures, but in the midst of this beauty, sometimes there is something that remains hidden. Festivals are celebrated with love all over the country and every culture gives importance to its festivals which are also respectable. But is it right to bother people in the name of a festival even when the way of celebrating festivals becomes a cause of problems for others?

    I would like to talk about two special festivals which are probably celebrated all over the country, Holi and Diwali, in both the festivals people are very enthusiastic. Many times I have seen that some people do not like to play with colors, yet others forcefully apply colors to them, in some cases, people also get skin-related problems. Sometimes, under the guise of a holy festival, many heinous crimes are also committed.

    At the same time, if we talk about Deewali, people enjoy it also but by bursting loud bombs, especially at those places where elderly people or newborn babies are there, this is very annoying for them. But such people do not think about others and just do what they want to do.

    I do not say that we should not celebrate festivals with glee, but at the same time keep in mind that at least you do not become the cause of trouble to other people.
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    This is a deep rooted problem. People are habituated to use colours during Holi festival and crackers during Deepawali. They will not agree in not using them. It is unfortunate that some people take advantage out of it and create inconvenience and disorder for others. Society has a big responsibility in this matter as it has to get rid of such evil elements to allow the people to observe the festivals in good spirit. Parents should not allow their children to go beyond the limits during such important festivals. We all have this big responsibility of reducing the bad manners and bad actions during these traditional festivals.
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    That is true. We can celebrate festivals but that should interfere with the freedom of the other fellow beings. If somebody is not like, we should not apply colours to him. Generally, in Hyderabad, people will never apply colours to people whom they don't know. In Andhra Pradesh also there is no culture of applying colours forcefully. If somebody is having a problem with the sound they should not come out during that peaks time. I know a person who is having fear of sound. He used to sit inside and put some cotton in his both ears. Then he used to be normal. Like this, we have to make some of our arrangements. Why we should curtail the happiness of other people.
    Sometimes we witness road blocking to conduct prayers by a section of people. The police will see that the traffic is diverted. The people will change their route and accommodate. So sometimes we have to accommodate for the sake of others.

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    I do not think that people suffer because of any festival but because of certain individuals who try to force their choice on others. The author mentioned about two festivals here and also mentioned that there are some people who forcefully apply colours to others. This should not be the case and everyone's choice must be respected. Yes, during Diwali there are noise-making crakers which are a cause of disturbance to others and people should apply their senses before bursting such crackers. The enjoyment of any person should not be the cause of worry for others and we all should be cautious in this regard.

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    Festivals are the testimony of our rich tradition and culture and India being secular country and having so many religions there is no dearth for the festivals. Though the festivals are reality to happen and those who can afford would celebrate the same with more gaiety and joy and those who cannot afford would celebrate on low key. But no body is forcing us to celebrate or shun the festival. We are in the society and we have sail through the happenings here and we cannot remain aloof when others are celebrating and we remaining silent and in that case the society would brand us anti for many reasons. One need not spend more money, one need not boast of the festivities, yet the celebrations should be there at home and with family and that is enough to showcase that you have faith in the rich culture and tradition.
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    Tradition is the emotion of a flowing life of a country or a nation, which inspires the people of that nation or country according to time and tradition. The tree comes to life by collecting sap from the roots and roots deep in the soil, keeping the twigs and leaves alive and vibrant. Tradition is like the root of a tree for the individual and society. Like a tree, a person or a society also collects inspiration from tradition and moves forward on the path of progress. The life of an individual is fleeting. But the sum or history of a nation is long. The history and tradition of a nation are built through various ups and downs in a long journey. The religion, philosophy, language, culture, history, the tradition of the majority of people of a country or nation are the main lifeblood of that country or nation. On this basis, a sense of nationalism or national unity of that country or nation is created. The culture of one society may not be acceptable to another. However, it is very important to keep them in the interest of the community. However, the tradition has to be constantly rubbed and smoothed on the table, otherwise one day it will rust and become ugly. So I do not think people are suffering from such traditional festive.
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    The festivals are so designed by our elders to concentrate ourselves towards God or the creator for a day, that too for those who are not doing daily pooja or worship amidst their daily duties and busy schedules.
    Further there was a great belief that collective prayer yield a goodness to themselves as well to society. Accordingly the village temple festivals are celebrated and on that day all village people participated in the festivals with their children and relatives though they are living in other cities.
    To make the surrounding relatives and people to enjoy with the children the festivals were transformed with some special snacks and sweets. These are all to make the younger generations to concentrate and to participate in pooja on the festival days.
    In those days people seldom take food, sweets and snacks outside and moreover snacks and sweets were not consumed on daily basis.
    Children were expecting the days of festivals with a view to get different food items and dresses.
    But later on the system neglected by elders of the houses and children were start unnoticed about the festivals.
    Nowadays, we can get any food items, sweets and snacks in shops. Recently we can get them in our doorsteps through online orders. All our thoughts and daily activities got shrink in the room size that is with computer, television and mobiles. Our entire world we see through them and forget every others. We concentrate on ourselves only and neglect others and their welfare. Here the necessity of festivals, no doubt, becomes a waste and sufferings. We, many of us, neglect everything and especially others' welfare, lost God awareness etc.,
    To fresh up our mind from the daily worries and pressures, the need of meditation, prayers are most necessary and celebrating the festivals becomes a must especially for the present scenario.

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