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    When to add some varieties?

    I am sure nobody likes to have the same food every day and that's why prepare various dishes to keep their taste buds happy. The choices do vary and everyone doesn't like the same thing. Not only food but it is also applicable to every action. You will be bored doing the same thing every day and that's why people take a break from their work and do something different. The same is applicable to listening to music and people add some variety from time to time. Now the interesting thing is when to add the variety? Is it possible to add the variety regularly or there is a time frame to add some varieties? Well, when you are posting a thread regularly I am sure you are not writing on the same topic and choosing various topics under the sun daily, though some topics may be repeated unknowingly.

    I feel it's all in the thought process and a combination of new things that you learn regularly. The more things you learn the more will be the inclination towards making some changes. You can say it's a kind of continuous experiment. So, keep learning and add varieties as much as you can whenever it is possible.
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    After reading this post I want to share my own experience in the matter that we must add some variety to life and existence because routine is always boring and it also bring in low performance from us. While going to office work or any other work I would take one route and while coming back to home, I shall take another route. By doing so I would not feel boredom of traveling long distance and there would be change of mind coming through another route. Likewise whether daily preparation of food, or any other work, little change here and there would bring us fresh feeling and also sense of having achieved something new would always bring cheerness in our life for sure. Moreover we the human beings are fascinated with new things and introducing some changes is always liked and we are enthuse enough.
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    As a human being we require change in our activities and in addition yearn for variety. It is the variety which makes our lives vibrant and meaningful. People who add on new learnings and continuously attempt to seek answers to more and more questions get successful in their careers and lives. Remaining contented with existing knowhow and knowledge would bring stagnation only. This life is a unique opportunity and wasting the time in stagnation makes no sense. Let us seek more variety in our lives and make it a beautiful journey of its own kind.
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    Sometimes when I read some threads I feel they are almost similar to another thread that is active. Some threads appear to be discussed very recently. Some of such threads are rejected by the editors. But some may slip the attention of the editors, I feel.
    Some items in the lunch or dinner are regular and we never feel bored with those times. For example, many of the South Indians will finish their lunch with curd rice. This will be the same daily. Similarly, many people from Andhra Pradesh will daily have Rasam (A type of liquid diet. It is Some thing like Sambar without dal) They don't feel bored.
    But vegetables will be different and will not be the same daily. So we want variety in some cases but not in all cases.
    As mentioned by the author we should learn different things and add variety and then it will be very interesting.

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