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    What is your choice of drinking water from earthen pot or refrigerator during this summer?

    People of most parts of our country face severe summer and we prefer to drink cold water or soft drinks or coconut water or cold butter milk or cold nimbu sharbat etc. to pinch off our thirsty. Especially we desire to drink cold water in this season. Most of the new generation people use refrigerators to get cool water. Without drinking cold water it is not easy to bear thr heat waves of the summer. But some people get allergic to refrigerated water and doctors also suggest invoice drinking such water. Some older generation and health conscious people prefer using clay or earthen pots. They buy new pots in this summer and use them for getting cool water. Probably this water will be natural and good for our health. In this season coconut water costs heavy and soft drinks give various issues with health. It is better to contend with butter milk and nimbu sharbat. Members what are your preferences with drinking water and other cooled drinks?
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    This matter has been discussed in the Forum time and again. All of us want to consume water from earthen pot, but, in actuality, we take water from refrigerator or from plastic container.

    My family members including me generally take water from RO installed in our residence. And I do know that my wife would purchase an earthen pitcher in another 15-20 days, although we have developed the habit to drink RO water. We will drink water from the earther pitcher for a few days, and then again we will discontinue the practice and the pitcher will be discarded.

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    As per Ayurvedic and natural medicine principles one should not take cold water for drinking as it is harmful for our body and its metabolic processes. It is advised that normal water at room temperature is to be taken as far as possible. Coming to the relative merit between the fridge water and earthen pot water, definitely the earthen pot is better as the temperature of that is not very low as compared to the fridge water. In summer time it is very difficult to control ourselves from the temptation of drinking ice cold water but if we can avoid drinking that then it would be a good thing for our overall health. Cold water interferes with the digestive process also and if the digestion is not proper then the absorption of the nutrients will also be of poor quality and that is definitely going to harm us in many ways.
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    Every summer we will have a thread on this topic and every time new points will be coming. The pots made of clay will have small perforations as we have on our skin. They are nothing but tiny holes. When it is hot outside the water in that whole will become hot and get evaporated and freshwater will come. But heat will not go inside. That means that the water inside will be cool only. Always the water in these pots is not very cool and not hot. That means it is almost at a normal temperature only.
    But the water in the refrigerator will direct get cold and it can even become ice if we keep the water at a very low temperature. Very cold water is not good for the body. After going into the body it will absorb temperature from our body and we will lose our appetite.
    When you drink water from the refrigerator you will feel the heaviness and it is not the same case when you drink water from earthern pots.

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    It is good to drink tender coconut from a street vendor. It is more good to drink the same tender coconut from the shop and there is a great difference if we taste the same tender coconut straight from the tree.
    It is a great taste if we took a mango direct from the tree. Similar to that all traditional items are great over the artificial items. Similar to that the water from earthen pot, stainless steel vessel and refrigerator have its own difference. Even the water from river is mostly differ from the bottled water. As the earthen pots have unseen holes which gives coolness to the contents the gained coolness is genuine rather than any other thing.
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    For me nothing taste best than the earthen pot and the cooling is constant and unlike the refrigerator cool water, if we keep the bottle for more hours, the cool would gather more and then we have to make adjustment with ordinary water. Since we have been born from the soil, anything connected with soil would certainly benefit our health and therefore earthen pot water is always good. For every summer we keep ready the earthen pot and I would change the water every early morning so that it suffice for the whole day. And if the pot is covered with a cloth and kept in the hall, the fan air is enough for it generate coolness inside and that would be so soothing to drink during the scorching heat. There is no side effect on drinking earthen pot cool water, whereas the refrigerated cool water would create amebiasis in the stomach.
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