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    We are being away from traditional and cultural values

    I am observing that people are forgetting traditional and cultural value day by day. Today, people giving emphasis on celebration of new year, valentine day and friendship day instead of holi,republic day, independence day. People are getting modern and they don't want to celebrate festival with traditional value.In 21st Century,Western civilization has sweeped away the traditions and culture of the society, affecting changes in the behavior and thinking of people of different society. It is understood that a culture loss seems too apparent in some communities where the main culture is weak. One day we would be completely away from traditional and cultural values So we need to be aware on existing time otherwise we will lose our identity. What is your opinion about it?
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    Remember, tradition is not the creation of the moment, its roots are deep and far-reaching. The foundation of tradition is rooted in the past. But if it is acceptable to the next generation, then it deserves the title of heritage. Culture is seen in a multidimensional format. Every day, new cultural flags are coming to the fore, people are waking up, souls are waking up with new attractions, country and humanity are going towards the revised format of culture. But many people find a way to leave the old dilapidation and move forward in the light of their own cultural heritage. So old traditional culture is maintained by a little group of people. But the new generation should accept the old tradition and use it in accordance with their expectation.
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    Western culture's impact is becoming more and more on our culture. We have many traditional festivals. But slowly some of them are going out of our festival's list. But some new festivals from the West are coming and joining our list. If the same trend continues the coming generations may not even know about many of our festivals.
    The senior citizens and parents of the children should explain the importance of these festivals to the younger generation and tell them how to celebrate and why to celebrate. Then we will see the old enthusiasm. We need to make some changes to the way we celebrate the festivals and some addition which will make the youth interesting and actively participate in the celebrations.
    There is nothing wrong with celebrating new festivals but we should not stop celebrating the festivals that were followed by our ancestors.

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    Questioning anything before doing or asked to do is a good according to the present trend. But the same should be done in the view to learn or for knowledge is good if the same is viewed differently that how to avoid or criticize, questioning is not a correct one. Our traditional and cultural values have been made with some purpose which needless to expressed in a broad words but they are implied. The same traditional and cultural values, simply speaking washing hands before and after eating, washing legs before entering the house after outing etc., are considered back as a hygiene ways of living now that too after the fear of Corona. Similar to these examples only our traditional values and cultural values made by our seniors.
    Similar to this the festivals. The festivals are so designed by our elders to concentrate ourselves towards God or the creator for a day, that too for those who are not doing daily pooja or worship amidst their daily duties and busy schedules.
    Further there was a great belief that collective prayer yield a goodness to themselves as well to society. Accordingly the village temple festivals are celebrated and on that day all village people participated in the festivals with their children and relatives though they are living in other cities.
    To make the surrounding relatives and people to enjoy with the children the festivals were transformed with some special snacks and sweets. These are all to make the younger generations to concentrate and to participate in pooja on the festival days.
    In those days people seldom take food, sweets and snacks outside and moreover snacks and sweets were not consumed on daily basis.
    Children were expecting the days of festivals with a view to get different food items and dresses.
    But later on the system neglected by elders of the houses and children were start unnoticed about the festivals.
    Nowadays, we can get any food items, sweets and snacks in shops. Recently we can get them in our doorsteps through online orders. All our thoughts and daily activities got shrink in the room size that is with computer, television and mobiles. Our entire world we see through them and forget every others. We concentrate on ourselves only and neglect others and their welfare. Here the necessity of festivals, no doubt, becomes a waste and sufferings. We, many of us, neglect everything and especially others' welfare, lost God awareness etc.,
    To fresh up our mind from the daily worries and pressures, the need of meditation, prayers are most necessary and celebrating the festivals becomes a must especially for the present scenario.

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    Good thread started by the author. For the modern people traditional and cultural values are normal and they want something out of box and more celebrated by the people across the world. I am of the opinion that every religion and sect has it own new year and that should be given preference. For example we the Tamilians have new year on every 14th April. Likewise instead of giving more credence on valentine days, let the people given more emphasis on Kaduva chauth. Our modern society is more inclined towards the western type of outfits and celebrations because there is no rule and regulations or even dress code. But our festivities are traditional and has definite rules to follow and some customs are cumbersome to the youth and they cannot adjust and therefore drifted from our culture values to other cultures of foreign values.
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