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    Are pensions to elected representatives justified?

    The parliament members and the members of the assembly are taking pensions. These pensions are governed by the rules framed in the parliament or assembly. These elected members entered politics to do service to society. It is not a job but a voluntary public service. In 2010, the pension to the Parliament members is introduced. Are these pensions justified?

    The Punjab Chief Minister did a somewhat good thing today. In Punjab, an ex assembly member gets Rs 75000/ month as pension. The members who get elected for more than one term get 66% of the pension for every subsequent term in addition to the first time pension of Rs 75000/. The Punjab Chief Minister canceled all the pensions for the subsequent terms and only Rs 75000/ month irrespective of the number of terms they get elected. Good move indeed but are these pensions justified? In my opinion, they are not justified but should be abolished with immediate effect.
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    As far as I am concerned no pension is justified to MLAs and MPs. The pension to employees is cancelled. Now the recruits will not get any pension after their retirement. But they are continuing pensions to these representatives of the public. Even the huge amount they are taking as salary is also not justified. This is not a job and it is a service. Of course, to manage their families, when they are MLAs or MPs some reasonable amount as honorarium can be justified.
    There is no qualification required and there are no retirements. They can contest even in their 80s and 70s also. They earn money in many ways. Their relations and friends will get huge money through these people. Their wealth is increasing. So it is in no way reasonable.
    An employee will not get even gratuity if he is not putting up their 5 years of service but these MLAs and MPs will get pension by just serving as MLA or ML for 5 years.

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    While I appreciate the Punjab CM for cancelling further addition of pensions to ex MLA's it is always argued by the members that while in service they are habituated to all comforts and that need to be maintained even after defeat from the assembly or Parliament election. Moreover they spend huge amount in every elections and if they are denied the pension, then they turn pauper and the public would not respect them. Even govt feels that every MLA and MP has served their constituency and even got the area development fund. But none has used it properly and we know how they manage with those funds. Nevertheless instead of further increasing the pensions, the new Punjab CM has shown the way of austerity and that need to be appreciated. AAP party seems to be going ahead with many reforms in future too.
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    After long last, I agree with KVRR Sir. I feel that public representatives are not permanent officials of any organisation (including the Government). Pension is granted only to the permanent officials of an organization with at least ten years of service. So, sanctioning pension to to the public representatives from Government fund may not be appropriate.
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    Whether it is a political leader having a position in the state or centre or a Govt employee, there should be a uniform pension policy for all the people. It is better to abolish any pension scheme and replace it with self contributory pension scheme. Already except for the defence persons there is no pension for the Govt employees nowadays and they are supposed to go for the NPS (new pension scheme). There is no pension for the PSU employees also. So for everyone similar scheme like NPS has to be formulated. Pension is a big liability for the Govt and Govt would not be able to give it in future when due to the inflation the revised pension would be a huge amount. Let the MLAs and MPs also contribute their portion every month for a pension later. A uniformity is necessary to avoid all sort of confusions.
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    As long as you are a representative of the people you will receive the necessary allowances but when you are no more representing people then you are just an ordinary man, at least that should be the case. In our country, the salary and pensions of the people's representatives are decided by the representatives only and as long as this typical law is not modified such pensions will continue. A poor may remain poor but if you are a representative of the poor for a specific time you are entitled to a pension which broadly shows the economic disparity. I am not fully aware of the people's representation act but I feel according to time and situation many acts need to be modified.

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