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    Year-end review of the financial year 2021-22

    This forum is about to discuss how the year 2021-22 is about to pass through various measures taken by the Government of India to address the negative impact on the economy in the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic.
    One wave of epidemics after another has had a negative impact on the economy. During the period, the government has tried to sustain by collecting goods and services tax, digital transactions, artificial satellite imagery facilities, power generation, transportation from one place to another, intermediate and foreign trade, consumers demand, supply chain management system, geopolitics, etc. Also, active attempts have been made to offset the damage through various factors by this epidemic. Among these, various decisions such as housing for all, free rations, eco-friendly technology, Loan default rules, health insurance for the poor, financial inclusion, spending on infrastructure, transfer of direct benefits, etc., reflect the prudent policy of the government. On the other hand, the assessment of urbanization, infrastructure, impact on the environment, methods used in agriculture, etc. has played a significant role with the help of satellite imagery. What did you say about all these functions of the government? There have been many incidents in our personal lives this year. So let's share our own experiences here. Share memories of the past year as well as other events here as last year's review.
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    The financial year 2021- 22 is about to leave us and the new financial year 2022-23 will come. The second wave of COVID 19 was very serious and many people died. Many of my relatives suffered in this wave. Those families suffered heavily. The third wave was also severe but the number of deaths was very less. Some of my family members suffered from Corona in the 3rd wave but were not very serious. Just one or two days suffering only.
    The central government did well in helping the people. Vaccination is managed very well and did a great job. The Indian Companies managed to produce the required quantities of vaccines and also they even exported also. That vaccination drive only saved many in the 3rd wave. But many people suffered financial loss and lost their jobs also. Duly over a while, the steps taken by the government will see that the position will improve and normalcy will come back. I wish and hope that the financial year 2022-23 will be encouraging to all the Indians as well as the country also.

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    For the common man what is the impact on his life seen the first and foremost and not worried about what the govt has initiated all round development and even capped some of the development and welfare measures for the poor and needy. What I felt that both the central and state govts failed to handle the health emergency of Covid pandemic kind. Good that govt and private hospitals could able to manage the cases and even discharged. But think of the situation like US and UK wherein almost all the population got affected and they could not cope up with bed and hospital attention. If that kind of thing happens in India, we are doomed and cannot think of it. So there is a necessity to strengthen the public health and govt hospitals need to be modernized and every private hospital should at least handle 20 percent poor patients.
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    The financial year 2021-22 is going to end soon. There were many challenges during this period in our country but government had taken some good measures to help the poor and to facilitate the common people to navigate through this tough time and come out of all the problems in a meticulous way. We all know that no government is perfect and it is only the relative merit by which we can asses a government over the earlier government. From that point of view I feel quite satisfied with the performance of government during this period. Though government was able to tread ahead during this period quiet successfully but the coming times are going to be much more challenging as new circumstances are on the anvil which could have a disastrous effect on our international trade as well as export-import scenario. During the year 2021-22 government was not much successful in reducing the unemployment. That would be a bigger challenge during the coming times.
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