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    Power tariff shock to people of Telangana

    A few days before the Telangana Chief Minister said that he will not agree to fix meters for measuring the electricity supplied to farmers for water pumps. He abused the central government for insisting on the same. He will collect some fixed nominal amounts only.

    Now he accepted for increasing the tariff of all consumers and the increase also a very big increase. Almost the increase will be about 14%. While the power tariff will be hiked by 50 paise per unit on domestic consumers and one rupee per unit for other consumers.

    A farmer has to pay more for his domestic consumption. But he need not pay more for their consumption in the fields. But a farmer. who is not having the capacity to pay for his agriculture consumption. can pay higher rates for his house consumption? We should not expect answers from the government for such questions, I think.
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    Shame on the part of KCR and his promise to provide free power to farmer and when the state is poised for the assembly elections in 2024, he choose to increase the tariff now so that people would forget the rate hike. KCR recently criticized Modi govt for fuel price hike and we know that depends on international market and the war going on between Russia and Ukraine. But shame on him who claims to be the farmer champion and now started collecting extra tariff. Now the state BJP would go full against him and see that this govt would be ousted for sure. Earlier the increase of power tariff by previous govts was very nominal and the people would not felt the pinch and adjusted in the long run, but the current hike is 14 percent and 50 paise per unit hike was too much for the domestic consumers. There would be strong resent soon.
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    There is some sense in providing free power to the farmers for agricultural purposes but this benefit should not be given them for their other usage. By giving free power it is an indirect way of providing subsidies. If we are able to increase the minimum support price for the products which farmers are producing than there is no need of subsidies and in such cases government can take electricity charges from the farmers also. There is a lot of intermixing of issues in this matter and sometimes for political considerations the leaders will announce some special provisions for the farmers but whether it is really benefiting them is to be seen in its entirety. In my opinion waiver of charges and taxes whether it is electricity charge or water charge or house tax or GST will not help the society to prosper in the real way. What is required is to create employment for everyone and increase the minimum support price of the farmer's products.
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