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    Do you know Indians spend a whopping 35,820 cr a year on minor ailments?

    In a stunning revelation and findings by the Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India, it is reported that by treating as many as 27 minor ailments Indians almost spend 36,000 crore a year and this gives rise to a discussion as to whether the patients go for self medication policy. Among the money spent more were on respiratory and aches which are most common. It is a fact that most Indians are spending on cough, cold, fever, aches like stomach, indigestion, acidity and constipation for which household remedies are available. What is your reaction on this report?
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    Indian population is very high. Many people in rural areas will not have proper guidance in health care. They will not go to a doctor also. They will go to a medical shop and tell the symptoms to the shopkeeper and in turn, he will give some tablets. That is how across the desk sales will be more.
    Many of the people in cities also go to medical shops and tell them the name of the medicine and use the same. This self-medication system is more prevalent in cities. In many countries, we see restrictions on the sales of medicines without a proper prescription. But in India, we don't have any such restrictions.
    That is making these sales increase. This is never a good development and there should be a systematic usage of medicines. Once we start using medicines unnecessarily we will get acquainted with that medication and we will not get the relief unless otherwise, we use those medicines.

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    Seeing the large population of our country this amount doesn't seem to be on the higher side. There are many minor ailments for which people visit the nearby pharma shop and get the over the counter (OTC) category medicines. A pharmacist often provides a suitable medicine to the person in most of the cases. It is very true that we can get rid of many minor ailments just by using some home remedies and some basic precautions but the interesting thing in this regard is that we want quick relief and for that the allopathic medicines are the best things available in the market. The present generation believes in allopathic medicines and wants a quick remedy to the problems.
    On the other hand if we have patience and faith in our home remedies and other natural practices then there is no need to go for the allopathic medicine for the minor ailments that we get infected with from time to time. I personally believe that as far as possible we should take the home remedies and the natural methods for treating a minor element. For example a simple hot water can give so much relief to our throat which gets affected and becomes sore so many times by the pollution and environment.

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