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    Burning the raft after crossing over the river

    Gautama Buddha once asked his disciples "Would you carry the raft after crossing over the river?" They replied that they would not hold onto the raft as the purpose was served. This is now the case with petrol and diesel oil prices. For 137 days, before the assembly elections, the prices of petrol and diesel remained unchanged. In these 137 days, crude oil prices increased from $ 80 to nearly $ 120. The Oil Companies of India did not increase the fuel rates. They remained stagnated. Once the elections are over and the results declared, the prices of cooking gas, petrol, and diesel started increasing in small doses. The cost of the LPG cylinder shot up by Rs 50/. The petrol and diesel prices hiked for four days continuously @ 0.80 paise per liter a day.

    Why the fuel rates did remain unchanged for 137 days? Who influenced the Oil Companies to hold on to the rates?
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    The prices of fuels are controlled internationally and the price rise will depend on the crude oil prices. It is natural that the governments want to see that there will not be any negative effect on their votes. The government did not allow the prices to increase. Now the elections are over and the rise started.
    I heard that when Mr Manmogan Singh was the prime minister, they did the same thing and they have not paid the increased prices of fuel to the exporter and later on those debts were cleared by the next BJP government. These tricks are always there in our country and the same will continue whoever may be there in the ruling.
    Another reason for this fuel rate hike may be the war between Russia and Ukraine. This increasing trend is seen in many countries. Pakistan's President says that they are not able to manage their oil reserves properly. Whatever may be the reason or whoever may be responsible, the ultimate sufferer is the common man and he has to pay from his nose.

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