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    How a political strategist will help a political party to win over the elections?

    Actually a political strategist is a new terminology in Indian politics. This word came into prominence through Mr.Prashanth Kishore in India. For the first time he worked for BJP in 2014 General election and make it possible Mr.Modi to win on 'Gujarat development model'. After that he worked with so many political parties like DMK, YSRCP, AAP, Trinamool Congress and help them to win the elections. So the craze for this person as a political strategist is ever increasing. For winning elections, what these strategists look into and what aspects they consider for winning the elections? Do you think that the strategies they follow will definitely turn the tables in favor of the party they are working?
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    What I am feeling is the strategist and his team will penetrate the public and understand their feeling and ideas. That may give them some inputs about the way of government functioning and the ideas of different people. Based on these findings he may suggest some actions that are required. He may also mention the changes they have to make to their present way of functioning. Now the party has to make the necessary arrangements to satisfy the people so that they secure a good vote bank.
    In addition to that, he may plan the campaigning process of the party for which he is working. Where there should be a meeting and when it should be? Who should be addressing the meeting? He may ask seniors to go to places where it is a big fight. He may say that junior leaders may be sufficient.
    PK has become very famous and now KCR of Telengana is hiring his services of him. He is conducting surveys to know the feelings and if there is a very big negative feeling. he will plan actions and tell the concerned

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    Time and again I have mentioned in my replies that taking help from a strategist to win elections will not augur well for a democratic setup as it is an approach by the politicians to win an election anyhow.

    Here, the discussion is on the processes the strategists follow for a specific party before the election. The foremost important thing is collecting every kind of data like the population in an area, economic condition, how the residents feel about the candidate, their political inclination, etc. By analyzing the huge data with the help of technology useful calculations are made and accordingly candidates and policies are chosen. Various parties may collect some data from time to time for different purposes locally, but to have a concrete set of data for the whole state makes a big difference here. Rather than focusing on the areas that need development, the strategists help politicians to take people-centric measures just to win elections.


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    Nowadays there are so many experts available in every area and they can help a person who is struck at a point in ones career and wants an expert advice at a point of time. Politics is not an exception to above and if people like Prashanth Kishore are offering their expertise to the political leaders for adopting the winning strategies then there is no surprise in that. Those who can afford to pay for the services of an expert would definitely go for that and take advantage of the earlier cases where the expert was successful in suggesting the correct strategies to them. In politics no one can predict the future results and even experts can also fail in their ideas and suggestions but that does not mean that the political leaders would not go for such advices.
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