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    Worshipping the God for prosperity and well being

    There is the concept of God in all the communities and societies and people pray and worship the almighty. It is said that the main idea behind the prayers or worshipping is to keep calm, contented, and happy in ones life. But many people strongly believe that by worshipping the God they will get prosperous and would have affluence of all sorts. For that they spend money also for offering various materials to the religious entities like deity, temple, mosque etc. They also expect monetary and materialistic gains along with good health in lieu of their offerings. The question is whether we should worship the God for returns or just for our spiritual development. What is your view on this? Please share.
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    It is very common to pray to God expecting some materialistic gains or profits. There is a point in it. When we are in difficulties and if we are not able to solve the problems we may be depressed and our mind may be wavering. So we may not be able to apply our minds properly to the problem.
    Then if we can concentrate our mind on praying to God, our mind may start working alright as we have confidence in Him. When we are calm and focused we may get good ideas for facing the problems we have. So praying will help in a way to concentrate and focus our mind.
    There are a few people who deeply believe that God will help us by praying HIm. That may be true. But we have to do our party properly and then only we can expect some help from other areas. So confidence on God combined with hard work may make us to get our wishes fulfilled.

    always confident

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    Since the future happenings are not known and hidden as the secret, we seek the divine blessings and by not asking the favor for free we commit to donate some offering to the God and that may be offering in donation box, or doing some donation to the temple and getting some products for the temple use. God knows how to bestow happiness, wealth, and keep content. But we think God has forgotten us and keep on reminding him about our ongoing challenges and impending problems. However we are not aware of big secret on this earth that after a good a bad thing would happen and vice versa, In that case if we are confronting with problem, soon we are going to ease out of it and we think it was God's grace. Anyway having faith on God is good and seeking prosperity without putting any effort from our sides is sheer nonsense.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    God knows what to give us and when to give us but ups and downs happens in our lives due to our karma. We can ask God for wealth, health and happiness but the almighty will give us what he deems fit to give.In my opinion God rewards us with all good things according to our past actions in this birth as well as the previous birth. However, people always worship God for wealth and prosperity and think that he is generous enough to fulfill all our wishes.

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