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    Why public not reacting against politicians and political parties doing crimes?

    India is known to be one of the biggest democratic country. But in reality, the parties that won't even get 50% of the votes who voted for the elections. Many of the candidates who won in the elections are in the list of suspected criminals and also those who got bails after committing crimes. When political parties select them for the elections, people simply voting for them and they got elected. Such people with criminal background, what they do for people? Why people are not reacting to such politicians and political parties? Then what you call this type of democracy in India? Why like in advanced countries, our people are not reacting towards crimes, political corruption, corruption in government administration and demoted services in public life? If public is inept like this how India progresses in the world?
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    This is mainly due to the economic imbalance witnessed all over the country. There are people below the poverty line whom the politicians exploit and there are very rich people who think they can control anybody. A significant number of people are poor and they vote for the parties who provide them with freebies. They least bother whether their representative is a criminal or not as their intention is to live a somehow decent life. When everybody lives a decent life they can think of what is right and wrong and also become aware of their rights. When the living condition of a lot of people is not up to the mark with only the bare minimum necessities then their voices will remain unheard most of the time unless compelled by a serious issue concerning their living.

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    Unfortunately we are in the democratic system where in the voters wish is enlisted through electoral process and the strong leaders with much financial power and ability no matter what was their back ground are gaining easy entry into politics and we the voters has no choice but to elect among the lot and that could be a more serious crime leader, average crime leader and petty crime leader. But when it comes to voting the broader decision of the voter is for the party and not the candidate and voter has the high hope that the party in power would address their problems. However the elected crime background leader would negate all his promises and try to expand his base and earning potentials beyond imagination to which even parties would be baffled as to why they have given him the ticket and got elected. This is fact.
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    In the Indian democratic system, the politicians are very influential people and to remain in power, they need the the support of the democratic common mass offering them votes to clear the electoral process. Irrespective of the criminal backgrounds of these leaders, they manage to get through the voting process because of their grips of the common mass. People have forgotten to screen out the effective leaders having no criminal backgrounds but would be more interested to provide them more freebies for their comforts. All ethics of fair elections have lost values currently in our country. These criminal minded politicians are aware of the tastes of the common voters and to retain the powers they would not mind for some free distributions.This trend will continue so long as the voters don't become rational in scrutinising the genuine leaders who would think for the welfare of the entire common mass with their different concepts. The leaders should think how best their children could have access for free education and health of the common voters so that the society develops as a whole. Let us hope the pattern of votings will,change for the better in the upcoming times.

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    This is mainly due to the corrupt practices that are prevailing in the people of the nation itself. Another reason is the voter never realise the importance of his vote. They feel that if they get some money today that is ok for them. But they never know the long term implications. Even today in some villages especially in places where STs are more, they go by what their leader of the village says. Those leaders use it for their benefit,
    Once the elections are over, a common man has no say. He has to wait for the next elections only. He can't make the elected representatives resign and demand new elections. The voting power is the weapon given to a common man but he may not be using it properly and he may be wasting the same for small benefits and losing a lot in the long run.
    The constitution is to be amended and people with a criminal background with pending cases against them should not be allowed to contest? But who will bell the cat?

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