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    A new process of investigation!

    An investigation is always important to find out the cause. Be it the inability to achieve the goal or to find out the culprits in a crime, unless there is a proper investigation it will not be possible to find out the reasons behind it. Let's focus on the investigation of crimes here. If we look into any such investigation process it will be found that it takes a lot of time to gather evidence and concrete proof which delays the punishment. The processes of laws are also tardy and the hearing of the case may be deferred from time to time for reasons best known to the authorities. The technology is also used widely to help in the investigation process and with Artificial Intelligence gaining grounds in the near future the process of investigation maybe something like this.

    The investigators arrive at the scene of the crime with all the necessary equipment and place them at various strategic locations. Their job will be now mostly to go inside a control room and monitor the readings of the equipment for a specific duration. The investigators interrogate based on the names given to them by the witnesses and in the new scenario everyone in the locality somehow will be under the scanner of the investigators with the help of advanced equipment. All their activities will be monitored precisely where the chances of human error will be less. When all are going through the investigation process and not a selective few in the locality, I think the pattern of their individual discussion may also help to provide more clues accurately. It is like scanning everyone with some instruments as they are used in various locations to check baggage. Just instead of one single instrument, many instruments will work in coordination to give an accurate reading. The interrogation will go on based on the clues found from the equipment. This is just my imagination though I think not absolutely unrealistic. Members, what do you say?
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    Today the investigating agencies are using the technology in a big way. Forensic methods have advanced to quite an extent to help the investigation agencies in their difficult task. Leaving the instrumental and equipment part aside there is another aspect to the investigations of the crime and that is quite a serious one. It is well known that some of the criminals have political patronage. They have links with some political leaders also due to the reasons of mutual benefits. Some political leaders are very influential and are occupying high positions in our country so it is natural that the investigating agencies will be affected by this factor to more or less extent. In my view this is the main reason for the delay in some of the investigations of criminal cases.
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    This is the nice post from the author and the process of investigations are many and using the equipments at the place of happening crime is one of them. But what I found that there are different ways to nab the culprits and enlisting the conversation among the people who are witness to the crime would definitely reveal. For example there was a day light murder in Hyderabad near a temple and it was 7 am in the morning and being Saturday there must be rush and activities going on in front of the temple. Like the flower vendor, the fruit vendor, the Kirana shop and other vendors. Naturally these people are the real witness to the happening but they would not reveal fearing court attendance in future and thus shy away. But one witness can always tell the investigators that a particular person was present and he can be grilled for right information.
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    This type of investigation is dreadful and hateful. The privacy of every citizen in the locality is at stake. Generally, the person who committed the crime will escape to another place for safety. The laws are not tardy. They are framed in such a way that an innocent person is not punished. The law may take its time but the aim is to arrive at the correct judgment. Privacy is very important but the latest methods are denying the same. If allowed to continue like this, the day may not be far when your activities in the comfort and privacy of our homes also come under the scanner.
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    Using advanced equipment and robots in the process of investigation may also come into existence very shortly. Drones are used in the agriculture sector. It is a very good advancement. In the same way, the process of investigation may also get modernised with the usage of these AI in the field.
    CC cameras are all playing an important role in investigation these days. Similarly, smartphones are tracked to know more about the movements of the culprits. Slowly the investigation process is getting modernised.
    So the process now proposed by the author may also come into force. But in this case, people who are in no way connected and innocent people are also will under the scanner. Sometimes that may cause irritation to some people but they may have to bear with that to help the investigating officers to know the actual culprit

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