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    Small stem and big fruit without a jack- really nature is surprising

    The jackfruits are most sought after by children and the elders and it is the awesome feeling to see the jackfruits dangling with small stem and very big fruit precariously holding without any jack and that made me raise this thread as to how the nature and the tree is so surprising when it has the capacity to hold at least 10 kg of fruit weight and yet would not fall on the ground. And this photo is taken in our side yards tree where in so many jackfruits are in cluster and they are growing in faster phase to its full potential. Nature has many surprises for us.
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    In fact I want to share the image but getting error while attaching the same.
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    Jack fruit is a very tasty fruit and very good quality of this fruit is available in coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. The fruit individually will come out of the trunk of the tree itself. The stem will be very strong and have a good grip on the fruit. You can cut fruits one by one. But opening the fruit and separating the inside will be tedious and takes a lot of time. The individual piece that can be eaten will have a seed inside and the seed has to be separated before we eat the fruit. The seeds can be useful for making a curry which will taste very good. We make that curry in our house and all our family members like it very much.
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    Long back, I wrote a Forum post on jackfruit. The members (including Late SuN) had an interesting discussion on the popularity of jackfruit: Why jack-fruit is not popular in India?

    Later, I also wrote an article on the health benefits of jackfruit and jackfruit seeds: Know the health benefits of jackfruit and jackfruit seeds

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    Nature has many such surprises in its lap. Everything in nature has a pattern and everything is holding by the forces available in that pattern. A small flower in the banana tree becomes a big bunch of banana pulling the branch down but it stays in a middle position just by the bending forces undertaken by the bunch. The jackfruit is big and heavy but it is fastened to the tree with a small twig which is capable of holding it. In fact to dislodge it from the tree we have to apply some force. The sap flowing in the veins of a live tree is the main thing that is giving power to the tree at various junctions and till the tree is live it would be there.
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