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    Why we shame a person with his nickname ?

    Invariably everyone of us are having very good name chosen either by grandparents or the parents and we also have the same name in the records of school, college and in other documents. But we also have some nicknames called by the parents, relatives and friends and thus the original name gets sidelined for ever. Some our names also represent the name of the God, and therefore by calling the nicknames we are also underestimating the good name. For example Venkateshan has become Vengidi, Mukundan has become Mukku etc. Don't you feel we are shaming a person by not calling him in original name ?

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    Generally in many houses the name of the child will be different and the name we use to call him will be different. I don't know whether the author is talking about that name. In some cases the name we use to call the boy will be a short from of his full name. For example if the name is Venkateswara Rao but he may be addressed as Venky or Venkat.
    But in schools and colleges the students will use some special nicknames and tease them. The teacher don't know that he was called by that name. Whenever two students talk about that teacher they will use that name only. Those names will be very vulgar also sometimes.
    In the same way the boy students will call girl students with some nick names only. These days we are seeing girls also calling boys with nicknames..

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    Traditionally in many societies it is very common to give a nickname to a person right from the time when he or she was a kid. Generally nickname is confined to a group of people consisting of the family and relatives. Nickname is not just a name but it carries a lot of affection and attachment with it and the family members prefer to call that person with that name only. When the child grows and becomes an adult then whenever the family members call him by the nickname in front of some outsiders it might sound strange to the outsider who is only aware with the main name of that person. Some people attribute this strangeness as he shame factor but I do not see anything like that in calling a person with nickname. Generally parents continue to call the children with their nicknames. I have seen situations where the parents in the age group of 80-90 years of age call their children of ages around 60 with their nickname with the same love and affection that they used to have when the children were small kids. So in my view it is a normal thing to call the people by their nicknames by the family members.
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    Often school bullies assign nicknames to simple students for amusement. Politicians also sometimes resort to name-calling during election rallies and political campaigns. 'Pappu' is a nickname usually associated with a famous political personality in northern India. This particular nickname has become a synonym for persons with ultra-low IQ or a simpleton. The term 'Bhaiya' is used to label persons of UP and Bihar origin in Mumbai which is considered at least mildly derogatory. There are so many such examples and a few are used for defamation of the character. However, in a civilised society, people are supposed to address individuals properly and politely.
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