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    Do Mathematics graduates have far better analytical skills?

    I have a living example in my razor sharp wife, a Mathematics graduate. She is always too smart on the small details. She does have a memory that is far in excess of mine. While I have an MSW degree and an MBA degree, her interests are totally different from mine.

    She is not alone. My observation of a few more Mathematics graduates does indicate that they have razor sharp memories and also very shrewd in observing things. There is one line of thought that they do not, as a rule, have very creative minds, as their thinking is highly structured. In fact, the engineering graduates, who study Mathematics at an advanced level, do have the same kind of structured thinking.

    What is the reality? Is it true that Mathematics graduates have some common characteristics that others do not have? Or is it just one of their abilities?
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    Mathematics offers us opportunities to think rationally so that the ultimate results are obtained. Whatever method you adopt, the results are same irrespective of the different approach. This offers us tremendous opportunities to think the ways how solutions can be worked out by employing the already existing deductions. The aspirants practising Mathematics ultimately attain mind possessing super intelligence. Their approach in the different issues would be entirely different from others because of their strong passions in Mathematics. Engineers are not the exceptions in terms of quality since they too are the lovers of advanced Mathematics and they have the habits of thinking deeply while dealing with the different problems.

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    Basically it is the overall educational background and abilities of the people that makes them so much analytical in their approach to the problems and issues but to some extent Mathematics also adds certain skills for it. Mathematics is a subject where everything is based on analytical and rational principles and it is very correct that it would enhance the analytical faculties of a person. Further, Mathematics is a subject that is used everywhere in one form or other and lacking its knowledge will make the person to err at times. We cannot attribute all the rational and analytical performance of a person just to his or her Mathematics proficiency.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Mathematics will also help a person to improve his analytical and logical thinking. But in general, any subject where some logical thinking is required will improve our analytical thinking. Physical sciences and applied sciences and technologies will also help the person in improving their analytical thinking. Interestingly mathematics is a part and parcel of almost all these subjects. For learning mathematics, you don't require any chemistry knowledge but to learn chemistry you require some knowledge in mathematics. So definitely mathematics is a subject that will make us more analytical.
    Mathematics is a very useful subject in all walks of our life. Knowledge of mathematics will be essential for finance professionals. We see many finance professionals are also very sharp and they will be in the good books of the top bosses as they calculate and tell how to make more profit.

    always confident

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