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    How to get a regular monthly payment from ISC?

    We are all eager to receive a payment from ISC on a regular basis, but sometimes we can miss the bus! How would you ensure that you have a very high chance of getting paid for each and every single month of the year? Let me share something that may help those who are keen to earn but struggle to make it to the list of eligible payees. Mind you, this is not with the aim to collect points mindlessly but to focus on earnings through quality content.

    As an experiment, I thought of trying to see if I can earn Rs.250/- minimum in a single day through the sections I mainly contribute in. I decided that the best way to go about achieving this goal would be to prepare content in advance and then, on one day, submit all that content at one go. I, therefore, first spent two to three days approximately in the first week of February preparing article drafts, and also text for school submissions, as well as information updates.

    Then I uploaded all that I had prepared on 9th February, and, on that day, also submitted jobs. In terms of quantity ('Count' on our scoreboard), all this content included- 3 articles, 6 jobs, 3 schools, and 3 update info. On that day, I also submitted 3 forum responses. Once all the content was approved, the total earnings showed as Rs.245/-.

    Yes, I missed the goal by Rs.5/-. Yet, as an experiment, it was proof that it is possible to earn regularly at ISC.

    You see, suppose, in the manner that I have mentioned, you prepare content in advance and submit it once every week. A month has approximately four weeks, sometimes nearly five. So if you prepare and submit without fail every single week, I think it is possible to reach a monthly goal of a minimum of Rs.1000/-. With a few more contributions, you can be one of the eligible payees. This would especially be the case if you submit about 6-7 articles totally in a month, because, by submitting articles, you will get double points and thus definitely figure in the list of RSB-earning members as well.

    Let's keep aside the fact my payment includes my editing work (the 9th Feb. earnings I mentioned did not include that) and you may say that this is my input based on my writing abilities. Perhaps others may struggle to put in, say, good descriptive content for even a school post. Yet, this should not be an impediment. Even simple English would not be a barrier to submitting schools and colleges and update info. In fact, note that now we are accepting schools and colleges with at least some basic text since we are moving towards an academic-based niche and aim to have an even bigger database of institutions than it already is.

    Would you like to try my method, maybe starting in April? Perhaps we will then see some new names on the list of eligible payees!
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    I find this post quite elaborate and exhaustive and is definitely also educative for the members in its nature. The methodology seems to be simple and straight but the performance might be different from the member to member. Many people are habitual of undertaking one task at one time and for them it will take some time to do many small jobs simultaneously. It does not mean that they will not be able to do multitasking. What they have to do is to reduce the time of the activity of their main job and then distribute the time gained in other activities. By practicing this methodology one can slowly increase the number of jobs to be taken up at the same time. One thing that we have to remember in this context is when we work in such a mode then in the beginning time we will have all the jobs partially completed and after a week os so they all will converge to completion. It is also possible that instead of one week a person might take two weeks but that does not matter because in the beginning one may not achieve the target of 1000 cc but within 2-3 months that efficiency would emerge out of this technique. I think some new members will take the hints given and would improve their scores. All the best.
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    The model explained by the author in this thread is a good model I feel. If we want to earn payment every month from ISC, the best way is to contribute more articles. If we can submit at least 6 articles in a month we may get good points and to calculate the RSB your point of articles will be doubled and that will be an added advantage for the author. But we have to spend more time reading the subject and then writing and correcting and then we have to submit. Jobs section, information updates and schools sections also are having a good scope to earn money. But it all depends on how much time we can spend on this.
    As suggested by the author, We will try the model suggested in this thread and see how best we can manage it. If it works out we will get a good advantage. Members can get some clues from the above post and try to implement and see how it works out for them.

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    A very good post by Vandana Ma'am explaining the ways to get regular payments. Experimentation, in the beginning, is also a part of any project and when one is determined to do something she/he figures out some ways. One performs the experiment and based on the results others also follow. I am sure this experiment will also be followed by many which will enrich ISC and its readers in a good way. I hope members will figure out the sections they want to contribute in and accordingly should prepare the contents in advance so that they can post them in one go.

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    The author has chosen her own experience as the model to emulate and sought whether other members can also attempt it. For me I am not comfortable to churn out articles as it involves more of detailing and also having spade works of perfection to be done and overall the time taken is more to which I not habituated. And regarding jobs contribution, I did made in the beginning and when Pramod was already going that most of the posts were not approved and found I lost time. And regarding schools and update sections also whenever I tried to post the rejections was more and therefore I decided to concentrate in the forum and I am regularly getting the revenue share bonus for sure no matter it varies month after month but I am comfortable in raising posts for the forum and giving responses to the threads.
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    There may be some members now or earlier who had earned some consistent amounts from content posting in ISC and combining the RSB, Awards ,Adsense revenue etc, they may/might have been earning some good amounts.

    I also guess, some of them would have become successful boggers or have their own website and freelancing content contributions on different platforms and thereby earning adsense revenue and allied affiliated payments.
    Apart from such few members, it may be a difficult goal task for most members but not an unachievable task. Once the initial critical load is established then it will be somewhat easy to carry on if one can put in consistent work.

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    The ways suggested by the managing editor would be definitely useful for those having their interest to earn regularly at least Rs 1000/- per month. However, it is applicable for some of the members of ISC with their regular contributions in the different forums leading to earning them cash and their shortfall in the earnings is compensated by RSB coupled with ad scene revenues. Most of the members are enjoying this platform sharing their views in the different section in addition to their keenness how other members are responding in the different sections.

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