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    Do all the doctors deserve the respect we give them?

    Doctors are, no doubt, considered to be incarnation of God, when we are ill. But are the doctors today really passionate/ responsible about their duty towards mankind? Do they ever remember the oath taken by them? When everything converts into business and seeking medical aid becomes a burden for the common man, the question is whether all the doctors deserve the respect we give them.

    Human life is precious. It is the gift of God. All human beings suffer illnesses of varying seriousness at one time or the other in their life. The doctors are the trained people who will cure the illnesses. The public gives respect to doctors because of the nature of their duty. They stand up and show respect to the doctor when he enters the room. The doctors take an oath called the "Hippocratic Oath", the gist of which is to treat the sick to the best of one's ability, preserve patient privacy, teach the secrets of medicine to the next generation, and so on.

    The present situation is such that the medical expenses are exorbitant and the common man is reeling under its burden. The doctors are collecting hefty consultation fees and ask for a number of tests to be conducted before they can diagnose the disease and prescribe medicines. They are unable to spend much time with patients and listen to them as time is money for them. The majority of the doctors have developed a business attitude and try to exhort as much money as possible. For every ailment, the patient is referred to a specialist and it costs a lot of money.

    The consultation fee was valid for one month previously. Now its validity is reduced to 15 days and then to 7 days. Every time after one week, the consultation fee is to be paid afresh. The Government doctors are allowed private practice. The doctors pay more attention to their private practice and neglect the duties of the government job.

    Do you feel that they deserve all the respect we give them?
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    Traditionally the doctor is thought to be a person who can save the lives of people suffering from various ailments and that is the main consideration that people respect them. I remember in earlier times people gave much more respect to the doctors than that of today. The reason for this is the commercialisation of the medical facilities. Every thing is considered from money making ideas and whether it is required or not the first thing that the doctors do is ask the patients to get all sort of tests done and only after seeing that they would be prescribing the medicines. The medical expenses are increasing day by day and the common man is not able to arrange money for these sky-rocketing expenses. In such a situation the respect that was earlier commanded by the doctors is going down significantly. It is a bad sign but is a fact of modern times. I think if the doctors want to restore their earlier glory then they have to come back to service mode from the earning mode.
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    I do understand that the agony and pain of visiting doctors and their surged consultation charges along with costly medicine prescriptions only get disrespect towards doctor. I want to share my personal experience when I visited a diabetic specialist on recommendation from other relatives, he did attend me nicely and charged 500 as consultation fees and it was clearly written on the prescription that next visit would be free within 21 days. But he intelligently prescribed medicines for one month and asked me to report after that. When I went for the revisit, the receptionist asked me to pay again and I picked up argument with her. She said 21 days over and I said doctor asked me to take one month medicine and visit. These arguments were over heard by doctor and he chose to advise me to adhere to the rules. But I got annoyed and stop going there. He called me again and I politely refused.
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    When I was a child, in our village there was a doctor. He is not MBBS. He is an RMP. He used to go round the villages that are around our village and go to the houses of the patients and treat them. He used to diagnose the problem very correctly and used to give minimum medicines that are essential only. He used to take all precautions so that the patient will not get any side effects. People were having good faith in him and people used to respect him in many ways. He used to treat poor people also and never demanded money from them. He used to give free samples that he receive from Medical Representatives to these poor people. He used to accept whatever they give either in cash or kind.
    Such doctors are not seen these days. They will have their own targets. So they try to find opportunities in patients to earn money. These days treatments are not treated as a service and that is a business and I feel we need not respect them that much. But we have to respect them at least till our ailments are cured.

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    The point raised by the author is really justified in the present scenario. Because of our hectic life style and having no time for physical exercises we are inviting health issues needing redressal from some competent doctors. This is important for the maintenance of our health. But we see a lot of changes in the attitudes of the doctors now a days prescribing multiple medications to be consumed in the different times of the day. This being one part of medical coverage and the other part is the pathological tests, endoscopy, ECG etc to assess the real condition of the health. In a single visit the medical expenses including the tests and the medical consultation might be roughly around Rs 4,000/- but for the next session again tge patients need to pay the consultation fee if the term of visit within a week has expired. We cannot project our own health problems with the doctors due to their time restrictions.
    Unlike the present trend, there were the doctors in the past prescribing the single medicine to root out the disease with their minimum consultation fees and sometimes they waived the fees seeing the financial constraints of the patients. They were the real angles serving the ailing humanity which at present is not being foreseen.

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