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    Can widespread community counseling help reduce crimes against women?

    Two recent incidents of rape were reported from different pockets of Tamil Nadu are simply shocking. Both incidents involved school boys below the age of 18. It is obviously the bad company and highly harmful influences of movies are partly responsible for such an act.

    There have been suggestions to increase counseling sessions in groups, at the school level, and in the community as well, with experienced elders from bankers, Government servants, and so on. Systematic training of young minds to focus on whatever needs to be done to become good citizens can hopefully emerge from such counseling sessions.

    If such attempts are being made in some places, members may highlight the details. The other extreme is the Hyderabad encounter, where the persons involved we're simply shot dead. There was massive support for such an initiative.

    What approach will work? The Tamil movie, "Valimai" also dubbed in several languages, shows an affirmative approach, with a chance being given to the hardened criminals to reform themselves. Both the soft and the very harsh approaches are available.

    Can group counseling help?
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    This is very challenging situation for the parents of girls who cannot believe anyone or trust anyone and even fearing sending girl student to school and college. If the school or college being co education then the attraction between the opposite sex is sure and that starts with casual behavior, then love and hate and ultimately eloping or even rape or murder. The parents nurture is more important and community counselling is waste. Because no girl would be ready to hear any taunts told by others if she has done nothing. And those who resorted to crimes would not mind even departing from the home. So the society has been the reason for their change and that includes impact movies which gives such far reaching ideas to which youth get attracted. Only yesterday one boy came with revolver with the opening show of RRR movie and was arrested.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There have been instances of the boys resorting to unfair practices due to the bad companies and very often these companies turn out to be their centres of learning crimes and unfair sex practice. They are the ones hailing from the decent families having their their parents being well mannered and educated. However, they cannot control their own sons due to their influence of the bad companies. Punishing them for their involvement in the rapes or in some heinous crimes would not work unless they are included in the group counselling by the group of responsible citizens to mend their ways.
    Apart from that we must ensure that no such films are permitted to be viewed to these gullible adolescents containing scenes provoking them for indulgence in bad activities.

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    This is a very disturbing problem in our country. In almost all cases, some innocent girls are becoming the victims. How to change the minds of these boys and what are the actions to be taken? There are different schools of thought. Counselling either in person or in a group is one such thought. The second one is punishing the culprits in an extempore way so that no other person will go for such acts at any cost.
    In the case of boys and students, this counselling may work. But it should be done very early and should be a continuous process. The role of parents and teachers is very important. They should keep a very close eye on their wards and see if any of them are showing any inclination towards unwanted issues and try to divert them from those so that they will realise what is wrong and what is right.
    If youth is going for such activities, a serious punishment is the only way and no counselling may work.

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    There are some evil and bad elements in the society who indulge in all wrong practices and create a fear in the minds of the innocents. They are a part of the society but actually are outside of it for all practical purposes. Unfortunately the law and order and governance in the country is poor and these evil elements take advantage of this fact. Some criminals are even protected by the people in influential positions. Under these factors it is very difficult to reform the bad people and bring them in the main stream. There are some basic problems like unemployment and engagement of the young force and naturally these empty minds would be the devils workshop.
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