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    Can KCR work together with Stalin?

    The Tamil Nadu model of Development facilitates inclusive growth with social justice. For example, there is this 69% reservation for the SC and the ST communities and the backward classes in educational institutions. Since it has a massive number of schools and colleges, the reservation policy has led to huge numbers of educated manpower in every field and since birth control is already in place, the State is relatively better off than many other States.

    Stalin, the CM of Tamil Nadu, is emerging as a force in Opposition politics. But he needs support to defeat the communal forces. It is in this context that KCR can help in a big way. But is he temperamentally against Hindutva and such highly divisive policies or ideologies is the key question.

    Members from AP would know ground realities better. We need some combine to defeat the BJP and never allow it to survive. Can KCR act in collaboration with Stalin?
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    Probably the author does not know the cunning character of KCR. While Stalin being new incumbent CM of TN and has the compulsion to bring in far reaching welfare measures so that voters who were with AIADMK would shift support to DMK but the way he going against the aspirations of Brahmin caste that is going to spell doom. Coming to KCR, we know that it was Congress which facilitated separate Telangana and thought that KCR would support Congress to form govt in new state. But KCR has ditched Sonia Gandhi and from that day, Congress has been on defeated mode. So KCR has national aspirations to which Stalin cannot match but having good number of MP's and if he continues, he can have a say on any govt to demand legitimate share for the state and that is for sure and that depends on his assuring corrupt free govt.
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    Stalin can't work with KCR. KCR is a cunning politician. He changes his words very often. When he was agitating for separate Telangana, he promised Sonia Gandhi that once the state is divided his party will get merged in congress. She believed that. She thought that Congress with the support of KCR can win all MP seats in Telangana State. With that calculation, the Congress government decided to give a separate state. But we have all seen what happened afterwards.
    KCR is having an ambition of becoming the PM. He wanted his son to be the CM of his state. So he wants the support of other parties from other states. That is why he is going and asking all-important leaders to support him. So instead of depending on this KCR, the so-called excellent CM of Tamilnadu should think of ways and means to become PM without joining hands with KCR.

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