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    How do you listen to music these days?

    Everyone has their own way of listening to music and the choice will always vary. This is quite usual and I am not asking about individual preferences. Rather, I am interested to know more about how the music is played. Think of the days before the smart mobile devices and I am sure there were no options other than music players and radios. Some of the mobile devices just before the entry of the smart gadgets had inbuilt players and some of you might have used those music players to listen to your favourite numbers stored in the memory of the mobile devices. Things have changed completely and for many, the old CD/DVD players might be gathering dust in some corner of the room. The interesting point here is the way of listening to music by the individual these days. I really like to know how you do listen to music when you feel like to.

    When I feel like listening to music many times I just search the song on Youtube and then play it. Many times even if the song is there inside the chip unmindfully I search it on Youtube to listen to that one rather than playing it on the in-built music players. I do not know whether listening to music and Youtube have become synonymous or I am only one of the few doing it that way.
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    Right now, I am enjoying Jagjit Singh ghazals from YouTube in my mobile, after a gruelling day in office.
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    I listen to music mostly while traveling by car. I am inclined to listen to the old Telugu and Hindi songs of 1960 to 1970 or so. The songs are copied onto the USB drive and played while traveling. I like Sundarakanda by Sri M. S . Rama Rao very much. My mobile also contains many songs I like but rarely do I listen to music through my mobile.. Youtube of course is a very good source to search and play any song we like.
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    Surely the days of music players, CD's has gone and we are now hooked to Youtube channels for any kind of music as new and more loaded music is available on every language. Most of the devices or the cell phones can be connected to the television and thus live music is also possible if some streaming happens. So listening to music has become more easy and we can do so on the go. I have seen some people listening to slokas and mantras while walking in the park and all could be possible because online music availability. And for me I have some best music, old Tamil songs, old Hindi songs, ever green Telugu songs and best instrumental music are stored in the computer and it would run simultaneously when I am sharing post or thread reply in this site. Music has the power to remove fatigue in us and I strongly believe.
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    I like to hear music while working on my computer. I use earphones for hearing the music. Youtube is the best source and I search songs on youtube and hear them. Another way is various TV programmes based on songs are coming on various Telugu TV channels. After the programme is over, the channel will place this programme on youtube. I search for those programmes and hear them whenever I have some free time or while I will be working on my laptop.
    Earlier I used to travel in my car a lot. While travelling I carry a USB with my favourite songs and I connect the same to the music system in my car and hear them. If FM is within the range I prefer hearing songs on FM where we will get good old cinema songs. I prefer hearing Telugu songs many times. But sometimes I hear Hindi songs also. When we go for long drives this music system with a USB connection is only the way we can hear good music and FM may not be connected because of its shorter ranges.

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    This thread has rekindled my memories of the time when I was having only a transistor radio to listen the songs. At that time there was no choice and we had to listen whatever songs where being broadcasted at that point of time from the select radio station.
    Today I am listening the songs mainly using the You Tube but I am using another app also for it known as hungama and is available for download from Playstore.
    Some of my friends and relatives sing very nicely and they send me their songs through Whats App which they had sung in the Karoke sites like Smule and Star and I often listen to them also.

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    This is an interesting discussion, I love music and I like to listen to music during most of my work. Now when and by whom I want to listen to music, it depends on what work I am doing, if I am working on a project then I mostly avoid music but sometimes slow songs in slow volume on the laptop I play on youtube only. On the other hand, if I have some kitchen work, then if I want to listen to music, then I prefer television, any music channel. And the most important thing which is my rule is FM is my first choice for listening to music during walks since now FM has stopped giving in phones, so for this, I have downloaded an app on my mobile in which I can listen to different types of songs. So this is how and when I prefer which tool or medium of music. I find these days most people prefer to use youtube, Spotify, or the Gaana app for music.

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    Well, I thank you all for your replies and now I am assured that I am not the only one who prefers Youtube whenever a song is there in my mind. Youtube is so popular and easily available and many of you have mentioned some other apps too. They all are good and help us to stay tuned to them whenever we wish.

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    It is fact that Music has magic to change our mood. We have various sources to listen music such as Laptop, Desktop Computers, DJ sets etc but I prefer my Android phone with headphones to listen music in my free time. For this , Firstly I download selected song according to my choices in my mobile and create a playlist then I listen these selected song.
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