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    IAS is bias- some states appointing other officers for administration

    It has been reported that on the one hand the passing out candidates to the IAS exams are coming down and there is actual short of 22 percent vacancies to be filled across the states in the country and on the other hand some states which is not having faith on center and the IAS officers, are appointing officers from other streams and thus the respect and regard for the IAS cadre has been dwindling. Do you feel that IAS officers are inclined towards the center and not looking after the state interest ? What should be done to gain the confidence of IAS Cadre ?
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    Generally state Government or central Government will go for IAS person only wherever the vacancy has a requirement like that. If the state government is prefering non IAS for that position then central should insist for posting the IAS officer once the same is available with the central government. If there is a shortage of IAS person then only state government should do it in that manner as mentioned by the author in this post.
    IAS are trained in a particular fashion and definitely are the cream out of the students today. Their intelligence and management skills are quite good and well above the standards of non IAS stream persons. State government should not do experiment as that could lead to mismanagement or not a very good show of administration by the so called non IAS managers. The non IAS managers are generally good in their own core area rather than having a generalist view.

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    There are some state government posts and they are called Group I jobs. They are the senior employees in government. For these jobs, the state public service will conduct examinations and select them. At the same time, some employees will reach these positions through promotions after joining and working in government departments. They will be appointed in some jobs that are almost equal to IAS posts. But they also can't be appointed in the posts where there is a necessity to appoint IAS people.
    The standards of IAS pass outs will be very high and I feel merit only play an important role in the selections. No corrupt practices. (If I am wrong somebody can correct me). So all IAS officers will be very good administrators. If there is a shortage of IAS officers also we can't fill those posts with non-IAS people.
    The states should not indulge in such practices. Already the ministers are spoiling many things. In addition to that these non-IAS officers appointed in IAS posts may add ghee to the fire. The central government should see that the state government will not indulge in such practices.

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    State Governments are recruiting officers called Group 1 post for the management of their different activities so that the jobs are not piled up. This might be the temporary arrangements to manage the volume of the jobs. In respect of decision making and giving thrust on accelerating the activities of the different areas, IAS officers are far far superior due to their different orientation of thinking and their involvements would definitely change the quality of work. It is because of their different approach in the different situations after their thorough analysis of their areas. Basically they are the competent people and have the inner vision of handling the difficult situations. The same can be examined through the interview sessions where the interviews of the aspirants in the oral tests are progressing. It often lasts beyond an hour to assess their inner potentials before the final interview. It means even the last candidate of the panel would exhibit his administrative skill while on the job. The state government would do its best keeping this perspective in mind.

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