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    Can Hindus get minorities tag where they are less in population in some states?

    A master stroke decision is going to emanate from the Supreme court on a PIL filed advocate Ashwini Upadhyay, who asked why not Hindus be declared as minorities in some states where their population is very less than other communities and eventually has the rights to benefits as endorsed and enlisted in the concurrent list of the constitution. And the center also agreed to this suggestion. If this is going to be a SC order soon, there would be hue and cry that India is marching towards total Hindu country for sure. Your comments please ?
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    This is an issue of great controversy!

    As far as I know, there was a devilish conspiracy against the Hindus during the UPA-II regime by the top boss of Congress and some terrible brains of the Le-Li gang. They simply devised a plan NOT to give minority tag to the Hindus in those states where Hindus are in minority, and deprive them the facilities attributed to the minorities.

    On the other hand, minority tags to be given to the minorities in Hindu-majority states and to provide additional facilities to the minority communities in Hindu-majority states.

    This proposed controversial Prevention of Communal & Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011 was one of the major reasons for defeat of UPA in 2014 Lok Sabha election.

    [Know about this blatantly anti-Hindu Bill:]

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    At the time of independence of our country it was found that we were a democratic country where everyone had a right to live. The population of Hindus was maximum at that time followed by Muslims, Christians etc but we have erred gravely in declaring some communities as minority community though they were not in minority. As per the definition of the minority accepted worldwide and agreed by United Nations also a community which is less than about 2% of the total population at any time was to be considered as minority. Unfortunately in our country this was not followed and unnecessarily we had identified the second largest community as a minority community and started to appease it in myriads of ways. That started the big problem of political appeasement and vote politics and we have suffered a lot because of that. This claim for minority status of Hindus where they are less in number is culminating from that premises only and is an eye opener for all of us. Based on the precedents this suggestion should be agreed.
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    Actually when the minority tag was given to a community. it can be a permanent tag. If the total percentage of that community crosses a particular percentage. that community should be removed from the list of minorities. But that is not happening. The population percentage of some communities is increasing but still, they are enjoying the benefits.
    Now the centre has already accepted that the States can decide on the minority communities based on the population in their state and the same has been informed to the court about their decision. Now the onus will be on state governments and if the SC gives its verdict in favour of the PIL some of the states in India will have to give minority status to Hindus in that state. But will this happen in our country is a big question. Let us wait and watch.
    I feel there should be a clear cut definition for the minority status and if the percentage increase to a certain level, that community should lose the status of minority. This also should be implemented.

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